7/22/2014Our dearest Simba was such a sweetie - he followed us through our day and was always ready to snuggle. He chewed up flip flops, carpet and a jet ski but all was forgiven when he was in your arms. He lived the fresh air and lounging around the pool and would hunt for lizards on the lion fountain. He would run to the refrigerator when he heard the ice dispenser and we will never know why. He was only grumpy when it was bedtime - he would grumble but then settle into a loud purr once he was tucked in at the foot of the bed. I woke to his large body laying on most of my pillow and I would hear him purring. I wish I could hold him and see his big green eyes look back at me one more time. We will miss you chunkin !!!Audrey KelleyJacksonville, FloridaAugust 2, 2014
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We didn't know Simba very well but we know is parents loved him so much. They bragged about him all the time. Love you guys!Tiff and Lori Murphy - August 20, 2014
To my beautiful GrandCat, I'll miss you when I go to Florida to see your siblings and Mom and Dad. Rest in peace, sweet Kitty. Grandma KelleyArlene Kelley - August 8, 2014
Simba, you were a king! And truly loved. I was so honored to help you get your much deserved angel wings, sweet boy, and you are dearly missed by all that were lucky enough to know and love you. Sending infinite amounts of love to the Kelley family, today, and always. ~Dr. KatieKatie Stender - August 7, 2014
A story about "the other guy"
When he moved in with us I thought wow I've got another male in the house to hang out with. I imagined us doing all the normal guy things like hanging out and watching football, nascar racing, etc. But I soon realized he had his sights set on my wife. At first it was just a hunch. But, I could tell by the way he looked at her that it was true love. Soon they were snuggling up together on the sofa. They would spend hours together. She would dote on him like he was the king of the house. I guess I should have been jealous. But, how could I deny them. And he was such a handsome thing. No wonder my wife admired him so much. Their bond grew with each passing day. He and I also grew closer as time passed. But, only after he finally convinced me that he really was the king of the house! He and I never had a cross word between us. Although there was that bloody lip he gave me one night when I dared to try and put him in the guest room instead of his normal sleeping spot........snuggled right up next to the wife. Once again, how could I complain. The "other guy" was the king of the house. And that was ok by me. He deserved it.
After all his name was Simba. A name befitting of a king!
Austin Kelley - August 6, 2014
Alex Kelley - August 5, 2014

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