10/25/2006 - 10/9/2020Miss Dizzy Dog was a cherished member of our family for 7 of her 14 years. She "claimed" us the moment we met her at the animal shelter and there was no going back. Though she was a tiny girl, she had a big personality. Her passing has definitely left a hole in our hearts. When she was younger, Dizzy loved to play (no small thing, since she was blind and deaf). She'd ride with you for hours, and enjoyed walks through the neighborhood. She was a faithful office mate when I was working, and cuddle buddy on the couch during down time. And at night she transformed into a HUGE dog, who took up way more of the bed than you'd think possible. In recent times she began to lose interest in things that previously brought joy, struggled with new health issues, and became more anxious. But she was still glued to our sides every chance she got, and never, ever turned down home cooked food. We treasure the many good times we had with Dizzy, and are honored to have been able to care for her through her health challenges. We were hoping for more years with our precious girl, but those we had were AMAZING. You were a very good girl Dizzy!!India WatsonHigh Point, North CarolinaOctober 13, 2020
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Our adventure with Dizzy began on a whimsical suggestion we drop by the shelter to “only look” since we just lost a pet to cancer the previous year.
The shelter was full of healthy, beautiful, rambunctious animals eager to be chosen for adoption. Though shivering in the corner of a pen with a terrible haircut and an obvious cataract in her left eye, Dizzy commandeered our attention.
We were compelled to at least ask to spend some time outdoors with her to give her a break from the shelter atmosphere.
We learned Dizzy was about seven years old when her elderly owner passed so she was thrust from a quiet home and put in a shelter with energetic animals that she could hardly see.
Once outside Dizzy immediately crawled up India’s chest and curled up under her chin sealing a bond of trust immediately. We could not leave without Dizzy, with her challenges and appearance she would have surely been euthanized.
It took a few years but Dizzy began to trust and accept me when India was not available. Dizzy would walk beside India but look back to make sure I was okay.
We were able to double Dizzy’s lifespan and in the process created bonds only broken by her passing.
Dizzy loved playing when able and being with her people at all times cuddling and making sure we were okay. Little did she know, we were more than okay with her protection and companionship.
Dizzy you were a good dog and you are missed.
Keith Watson - October 15, 2020
We wish you lots of strength in this difficult time. Our heart goes out to you. Dizzy had a wonderful home with great living parents. Even your animals become your children. They are such loving and loyal companions. I know she will be greatly missed.Monique Gieb - October 15, 2020
Miss Dizzy was always very fashionable with her hair bows and sweaters. She was a very good dog. I was very honored to meet her. She loved her Mom and Dad very much. What a great 7 years she had living with you and Keith. May you find peace in the days to come.Kathy Macrae - October 15, 2020

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