5/15/2004 - 9/26/2020Jasper,
I don't even know where to begin as these tears of joyous memories and the pain of your loss well my eyes. You were such a happy, "voice-torus", loving, hungry, soft, playful "little" blueish grey purr machine. I miss your furry face popping around the corners of our home to greet Linsay and I when you got up and about or when we came home. I will always cherish the time we had together laughing and singing songs while you were my shadow. You were always ready to cuddle if anyone was upset. You were so gentle never scratching or biting anyone EVER (does not include playtime wounds;). Always greeting our guests with a smile and just the right amount of "pet me." I could never have imagined what a wonderful joy you would consistently be for our time together. Quarantine was a blessing if only for the three of us getting to spend so much time together, I'm glad you allowed us around for such extended periods of time ("Doesn't you has somewheres to work to go?"-Jasper)
We have all kinds of nice greenery on your "Catio" (Patio) where we spent sooo many days and evenings enjoying nature together. I wish you were here to make half hearted attempts to eat the plants so I would get up and shoo you away.
I know you know how hard it was to say goodbye, I promised you I would always love you and care for you and do my best to keep you from pain or suffering and I sure hope I did you proud my little guy. I know we will meet again. I know it.
We all LOVE and MISS you so much Jas"purrrrRRrrrrrrRRrrr". We played Harry Nilsson "Perfect Day" as you passed, our end of day relaxing song. Meow the Jewels my little Jewel Runner.
Brad RamboWestland, MichiganOctober 13, 2020
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Miss you so much my little friend. You were such a compassionate & loving friend. Truly enjoyed the time you spent with me❤️Ralph Rambo - October 17, 2020
He was a sweet kitty and a great companion to you both.
Also, Ella says meow.
Randy Nelson - October 15, 2020
I miss you, sweet fuzzy fluffy Jasper. I am so happy you let me be a part of your circle. 💙Dola Nelson - October 15, 2020

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