10/8/2006 - 10/1/2020Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi you're my girl
Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi with the gorgeous curls
Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi so spunky and sweet
Forever my girl you'll be...
Melissa WebbBrandon, FloridaOctober 15, 2020
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Sweet GiGi ,you will be missed! I know your running thru the meadows of heaven like a pup again.Dena Craig - November 4, 2020

I miss you so much. I miss our special time where we would hold our heads together showing each other how much we loved each other. I miss the tons of kisses that you gave me, making mommy jealous. I remember all your kisses, especially the last one. We’ll see each other later, but until then, run free and wiggle that little butt as much as you can.
Gary Webb - October 23, 2020
Rest in peace sweet, beautiful Gigi. She was so lucky to be a part of your family.Elizabeth Merchant - October 20, 2020
While it was just a 3 short years Gigi, your family loved you beyond measure. While they will miss you but the wonderful memories will always be in their hearts and they know you are healthy again. Enjoy running & playIng at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest In Peace sweet girl!Julie Taylor - October 17, 2020
Gigi I know your mom misses you very much but she will see you again one day.💖
Please say hi to my Romeo and Juliet and give them a big kiss from their mom 💖💖
Clarissa Milan - October 16, 2020
Gigi, you will be very much missed. Run free sweet girl.Amie Davis - October 16, 2020
RIP, sweet Gigi.Sharon Line - October 16, 2020
I know it seems like a big part of your household us missing. You guys made her last year's on earth joyful and loved. She is know running, jumping and chasing luzards. No more blindness or pain. She will be waiting for you at the rainbow Bridge. Thank you God for Gigi, and for all dogs. A true lesson of love.Pat Pleasanton - October 16, 2020
You are surely missed, but I am sure you are making new friends. My Hollie girl is there to meet you. Prayers for your family who miss you so much.Beth Winters - October 16, 2020
Forever in Our Hearts!💜🐾Karen Lee Garlington - October 16, 2020
Miss Gigi,

Mommy misses you so much. I miss running my fingers through your gorgeous curls. I miss taking you for walks and car rides. I miss sitting outside in the sunshine with you. I miss having you by my side...
I hope you know how much I loved you. You were such a special girl and you brought me so much joy. I will never forget you and will always cherish the memories of our time together. You’ll always be in my heart and I know I will see you again someday. In the meantime, keep my mom (your grandma) company and give her lots of snuggles and kisses. 💜
Melissa Webb - October 16, 2020

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