3/17/2008 - 10/19/2020My sweet Chub -- I met you in March of this year at the Anne Arundel County SPCA where I've been volunteering for several years. I initially intended to adopt your sister, Princess, whom I had spotted on the SPCA website. But during the Princess introductions, you came out as well. I brought friends along and made two visits, wanting to avoid an emotional, spontaneous decision. And guess what happened? I made the emotional, spontaneous decision to adopt you both!
Now, I had never had two dogs in my home before. So, initially, this was all a bit overwhelming. And, to make matters even more interesting, just after your adoption, the COVID shutdown began. So here we were--getting to know one another in dramatic and frightening circumstances.

I spent the first four months of your stay here sleeping downstairs on the couch with you and your sister. That first month, the house was a wreck, as was I, probably. But you were always your calm, sweet self. Now you did enjoy barking at the world every time you went outside. But I think you were often barking just to announce your presence. No malice at all.

You would also follow me upstairs to keep track of my activity, poking your nose into the shower curtain, etc. You even photobombed a Zoom session of boot camp which I know you found extremely perplexing. When it was time to return downstairs, I would pick you up AFTER a round of delighted twirling on your part which sometimes left me dizzy! LOL. After a bit, you learned how to walk down those stairs yourself, probably out of sheer boredom.

Then July arrived and the first kidney disease diagnosis. You were with the GAVH vets for 3 days and on antibiotics for another 30 days and I thought we had rounded a corner. I thought you would be with us for longer. But it was not to be. When your health went downhill again, I kept a very close eye on you and couldn't accept it when you were clearly uncomfortable. It was time. My poor sweet Chub.

Your sister and I miss you. It's very quiet here.
Brigid HaraganAnnapolis, MarylandOctober 20, 2020
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I met Chub when I went with Brigid to meet Princess at the SPCA for a possible adoption. Chub came out with Princess and she was gorgeous with the coloring of a fox and so sweet! I wasn't surprised when Brigid adopted the sisters and you were a family of three. I am sorry that Scooter and I didn't get to know Chub better but the pandemic hit just after she and Princess went home with Brigid. It's wonderful that Chub spent her final days with her loving mother Brigid and sweet sister Princess. I'm lighting a candle in Chub's memory!

Wendy and Scooter
Wendy Wood - October 26, 2020
A candle is lit. You were the best mom to Chub and how fortunate you found each other. She was able because of you, to end her years with grace and dignity and provide you with love and laughs!
Now you and Princess will carry on that love.
Jeanne and Winston
Jeanne Sears - October 24, 2020
Chub was a beautiful dog with a great spirit and I know the three of you were meant to quarantine together and have the special time as two sisters and a wonderful mother! Brigid, I’m thinking of you and know that Chub’s soul lives on forever and your time together can never be taken away. Here’s a light to know that Chub is always with you.Marisa M - October 24, 2020
Chub was a uniquely beautiful doggie. She and Princess are lucky to have found you to be their family. You made her last year full of love. It was an honor to help her on her way to the next adventure. I know she appreciated your holding her the whole time.Kelly Stockton - October 21, 2020

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