Sir (bob) Marley Snapperpoodle
11/10/2006Sir (Bob) "Marley" Snapperpoodle came into my world very differently than (Jimmy) Buffett. Marley was a gift for Buffett. I had recently broke up with a guy that had a dog. Buffett was so sad, and missed Flex so much, I found Marley. Marley was bred to be a stud. He came from a champion lineage but unfortunately for them (...fortunately for me) he was too little to meet their standards and they didn't want him.

He spent the first year of his life alone. Shortly after he was born his breeder was diagnosed with breast cancer and everyone focused their attention away from the dogs and onto her. Fast forward a year later and I learned about him. I paid to fly him down from Ohio and he became part of our family. When he came to live with me and Buffett he was very shy and scared. He would not come to me or interact with any people at all. He only trusted Buffett - dogs were familiar, people were not. If I wanted him, I would call for Buffett and he would follow.

There was a tremendous learning curve with Marley. He had massive separation anxiety. He customized 3 couches, 2 kitchen chairs, a jewelry box, a window seal, a coffee table.... (I'm sure there was more) but eventually he became my velcro dog. No matter where I was, Marley was there beside me. I never needed a leash with Marley because he refused to leave me.

Then, I got cancer. It's almost like he remembered the smell. He slept on my right shoulder (my cancer was in my right breast). Nobody was allowed around me - including Buffett. He was very protective of his mamma. Both of my boys were there for me for well over a decade but me and my Marley had a special bond. He was MY BOY.

Marley was very empathic. He was a sensitive soul. So sensitive that he couldn't be in the house when I watched sports! I am passionate and tend to get into a game. That was too much for Marley so he would go out the dog door until either (1) the game would end or (2) I would stop watching and go coax him in from outside.

Despite his love and loyalty to me, there was something he loved more than me..... His ball. He came genetically programed to retrieve a ball and man would he ever retrieve! He would run until his paws would bleed. He swam with the same passion (so long as he was swimming for a ball). My boy has had the same ball his entire life - at least 13 years. His ball was cremated with him, as I know he would want it that way. Marley was the goof-ball in the family. He would dance in circles, he would snap the air, he LOVED fabric (yia yia's dresses were his favorite). He always wanted to be dressed up and it's like he knew how to ham it up for the camera.

Marley was harder to love than Buffett. He was aloof and skittish with many. He didn't trust everyone. But he had certain people with calm energy that he simply adored. Marley, again, was empathic and was very sensitive to the energy in the room.

I was so blessed to enjoy Marley and his quirky silliness for nearly 13 years. My sweet boy struggled deeply when Buffett died. It took 3 months for him to grieve and, even then, he was never the same. However, he grew to love his feline sister Luna. I made the hardest deicison a pet-parent can make to help him cross the rainbow Bridge on Thursday, October 22 - just before his 14th birthday. My sweet boy is now reunited with his best friend Buffett.

RIP my sweet Marls
November 10, 2006 to October 22, 2020.
Leona HamrickDUNEDIN, FloridaOctober 23, 2020
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