3/5/2005 - 10/23/2020With the deepest gratitude for your unconditional love I release your spirit to run free with Bubba your big brother and your Grandma and her Perry and my Abuela. Please meet me at the gates when I get there with your wagging tail and cries of joy. Until then please look over me and don’t forget to cuddle with me deep in my heart.Vivian de la GandaraBoynton Beach, FloridaOctober 24, 2020
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Love you Vivian and you are in my prayers through this time. We all are loving and supporting you through this. You were the most wonderful loving Mama to your sweet girl Nelly.
Sweetest Nelly, you were Vivian’s baby. And you were my lil friend. I have so many pictures of you I took on my phone because you were so adorable and I enjoyed taking pictures and sharing them with your Mom when she was out of town. I know how much she missed you when she was away on her work trips.
I cried many tears when your Mama shared that your body was growing increasingly frail. You were such a powerhouse pup and so lovingly connected to Mama Maria, and to your Mama Vivian as your other super loving Mama.
Your Mama Viv loved you with all of her heart all the way through your life journey. Butterflies have been a powerful message, just as your Mama Maria comes as a bluebird. I know Mama Maria, Abuelas, and Bubba are with you now. No more pain or frailty-you are vibrant, strong, and free, like a butterfly. You will be so so missed and never forgotten. We will love and support your Mom here as you are with her in spirit. I know you will send her sweet signs and be by her side as her angel looking out for her.
Thank you for learning to trust me when we first met. Thank you for letting me in your wonderful Nelly and Vivian world. I loved giving you treats:). I loved sneaking in a little treat for you sometimes just because it made you happy. I remember when you stole my banana that I left on the bathroom counter and was shocked to realize to learn a lesson that Nelly would steal my banana if I wasn’t looking! I loved how you would chase your yellow funny shaped ball and carry it around with your front teeth and you loved chasing your green spotted ball too. You would hear the squeak of either of those toys and instantly be ready to chase it. I loved your reaction when I first sang the song I made as the Nelly Song serenading you with “Nanana-Nelly, beautiful Nelly, you’re the most beautiful Nelly that we adore”; I loved seeing you smile looking up at me when I sang it. I loved it when your mom would sing the let’s go PeePee song and you would howl.
You definitely let me know where the Nelly boundaries were and I absolutely learned to respect that. We loved you sweet lil Nelly. Your Mamas both loved you so much. We will miss you here!!! And I know you are enjoying being reunited with your wonderful family entourage in Heaven surrounding Vivian with so much comfort and love.
Peyton Davis - October 28, 2020
I’m so sorry about Nelly. She was a special dog and I’m sure she’s now one more angel looking out for you.Tracy Byrd - October 26, 2020
In loving memory of Nelly.Darla Hall - October 26, 2020
Missing you sweet girl. 😢❤️🐾Vivian De La Gandara - October 26, 2020

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