10/16/2015 - 10/26/2020Loki - What can I say about you that will do you justice? You were one of a kind - the ultimate dog! You were always by our sides, you listened so well, even with a look sometimes you knew what to do, or where to be. You never needed to be reminded that chasing after kids on a bike is not acceptable, or that the person walking up to us is OK. You were CONFIDENT. You knew instinctively when it was appropriate to protect us.
You were there for us when we were sick, when we had anxiety, when we needed someone to cuddle with... you were there. You always greeted us with a smile and tail whip.
I will forever remember how you did NOT speak on command. It was not something you ever learned or understood why we were still holding the treat in our hand after giving us every paw, sitting down, laying down, and waiting patiently.
I will forever cherish our hikes. You were my hiking partner, and even pulled me up when i started to get tired on a steep hill.
You loved the water, and even when the ice was still on the surface at the end of winter, you would jump in, even though mama was screaming at you to stop. Water was your favorite, and it is probably why you loved fishing. sitting patiently at the dock until we reeled in a fish for you to pounce on!
I know that the ending with us was quick, and unexpected, but I know you were ready. I know you felt our love. I love you so very much Loki and you will forever have a place in my heart!
Heidi DavisPembroke, New HampshireOctober 27, 2020
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Loki you had the most important job of all on this earth to love and protect a loving and lively family. You got lucky in life to be surrounded by their love as you have it all back in multitudes. May you continue to roam in their memories as their guardian Angel and enjoy your family in Heaven.Lisa Marie Doherty - November 5, 2020
Loki you were a sweet boy and a gentle giant, and every family dogs best friend. Chopper and I miss you! Love you Loki!Jesse Hazeltine - November 4, 2020
Loki d, I don’t know where to start. You were the best puppy. Thinking back on all the good times and how much of an amazing dog you were is so sad, because no dog can compare to you. As sad as it is, I would never want my sweet boy to be in pain, so even though I wanted to be selfish and keep him alive for my own benefit, the best thing to do was let him go, and was easily the hardest decision. All my thoughts are of you baby boy, hopin you’re galloping in heaven with richer❤️Ky Davis - November 3, 2020
“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

He clearly touched your lives.
jeff vogt - November 3, 2020
I can't explain how much I miss Loki's tail whips when we walk through the door, even though they hurt, haha. But I miss when Loki always greeted us with a smile and tail wagging hard. But everything stopped once you got sick. Never thought that I would get so attached to you like the way I am. I miss Loki so much, he always knew when to not do things, he knew where to go to the bathroom, he always listened to commands, and he also brought another joy into our life by mating. He passed young but I will always remember you, you will not only live on with me but live in my heart in a spot that will never leave. I love you Loki and I need to except the fact you were ready to move on. I was just never ready for you to move on, but i'm happy I got all the joyful years and adventures I got with you baby boy.Meah Davis - November 2, 2020
I don't even know what to say besides I love this dog with all my heart and I can already feel the stress from him not being there. He was my support dog pretty much every time I saw him he took away the stress and pain without him I can already feel it piling on. He took away my depression after years of pain hes helped me through so much and always willDonovan Hazeltine - October 29, 2020

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