10/26/2020Harriet went to meet her sister (who recently passed) at the end of the rainbow bridge after losing her battle to congestive heart failure. We are heart broken living in an empty house. However, thanks to Dr. Brad, she was able to pass peacefully and comfortably on her favorite blanket at home, surrounded by the people who loved her most. She no longer needs to suffer and fight for her life.Alli BertramPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaOctober 27, 2020
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Rue your Aunt Jenna will always love and miss you! Some of my favorite memories with you were when you lived for us for a little while. You were so kind to our crazy pup Jmo (you even let him sit there and lick your ears haha). My favorite was when you would finally give in to all his nagging and decide to play with him. Your zoomies were the best. You may not have run a lot, but when you did sweet girl you were fast! You never had to go all the way into the water at McDowell (because we all knew miss piggie didn't want to swim), but no worries, Jmo always got and gave it up with little to no fight. I'm so glad you go to have some snuggles with your baby cousin Noah. You let him snuggle on you all he wanted on your visits to NC. He even knew who you were and when he saw you on Facetime or a picture he would scrunch his nose to do his piggie face:-) Rue you were the kindest soul in a dog I have ever met. You snuggled like a champ at any given time of the day and never met anyone you didn't like. You will forever be my favorite fur niece, not matter what. Aunt Jenna loves you little mama!Jenna Nygaard - October 28, 2020
Harriet (Ru) you could not have had a better life after being rescued and finding your family with Alli and Kory. I’ve watched you be the gym mascot, paddle board, hike everywhere.
You weren’t just loved you were cherished by everyone who met you. As crushed as we all are, we were all very privileged to have known you.
I love you Harriet.
Alexandra Somics - October 28, 2020
I considered Harriet my Grand Puppy!! I spent many days with Harriet as she lived with us for some time. There will never be a more loving, affectionate, happy girl! She loved everyone and everyone who met her felt the same way. Not only did Alli give Harriet a new start in life but Harriet have Alli a best friend and companion since the day she arrived. I will miss the cuddles, kisses and love she gave to us all!! Run free Ru! See you at the rainbow bridge😘🥰Aggie Szymanik - October 28, 2020
We were lucky enough to have Harriet in our lives from the day she came into Alli's life. We rescued our dog, Chewie, not long before and that first summer was spent with countless walks & hikes, dates for outdoor drinks, and "gals" nights spent together, us 4. Chew was just an (annoying) puppy at the time, and what I remember most is how patient Harriet was with her. She was such a loving, kind, and gentle dog whose smile and wiggle butt truly lit up a room. I'm so grateful to have been able to love her, that she was best friend to my own dog, and mostly for the love she brought to Alli and Kory's life. Rest easy, Ru. I'm sure heaven has all the treats, comfy blankets, and toys a gal could ask for. Hold down the fort with B up there. Until we all meet again one day...

Liz, Matt, and Chewie
Liz & Matt Sheehan - October 28, 2020
Harriet was the kindest dog I've ever met. Patient with children, friendly to every creature she encountered, whether it had four legs or two.
She knew a different level of 'zen', and strolled to the beat of her own drum. She was a true ambassador for a breed that people too often fear.
Harriet was a steady force...an ever-present, almost invincible friend. It was almost impossible to envision life without her, and then, much-too-fast, it happened.
She touched my life and taught me love.
I'll remember her, and miss her, forever.
Kory Kochersperger - October 27, 2020

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