9/1/2010 - 10/29/2020Leo you were a crazy cat when we first got you and not knowing you first couple years we knew we had to gain your trust. You ended up becoming the sweetest cat and you were always right around the corner check everyone out from a safe distance. I think the past few years would have been your favorite. You got to become friends with your sister Calli seeing her grow as a puppy and you and Lucy got the grow old as kitties together, and we know they both miss you. You brought so much joy to us and now you can be with your brother Louie chewing on catnip rainbows and chasing each other around. I know you couldn't hear us the past couple years but we always knew when you were looking for us. We will miss those winter evening with
cocktails by the fire watching you lay there sleeping on the hearth. We love you and miss you Mr. Lee and you were such a great cat and had a personality that no one can match.
John / David Stonemetz / MileyYork, PennsylvaniaOctober 30, 2020
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It was an incredible gift that you brought Leo into your lives and gave him the love and space he needed to become his true self. Being a part of your family showed Leo what it meant to be truly loved, and he gave all of that love right back to you. I hope your warm memories of him bring you peace during this difficult time <3Nikki Abdulla - November 5, 2020

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