Sargento The Big Cheese- Aka-sarge
4/3/2007 - 11/12/2020Going through some of my favorite photos of my doberMAN and love- Sargento the Big Cheese, aka Sarge. This morning we have made the decision as a family to send him off to the puppy palace in the sky. He is truly the best companion to my kids, husband, and especially me-always at my side. I will miss you my Sarge, but you’re forever in my heart. I have fallen in love with dobermans because of you! Rest In Peace, dear boy, and enjoy reuniting with your brothers, Gunner and Desi, and doing all the things that you love: car rides, dog parks, giant steaks, cool breezes, and fresh-cut grass, tennis balls, chasing cats and squirrels, and good kisses. Love you forever!Stephanie KillingsworthWest Palm Beach, FloridaNovember 14, 2020
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