4/1/2003 - 11/6/2020For seventeen and a half years, Camellia has been a constant companion, the killer of lizards and bugs that were unfortunate enough to get into the house, and undisputed queen over household humans and other felines. With COVID-19, she became my co-worker at home consistently laying on me or trying to walk on the keyboard. Camellia was diagnosed with kidney disease a year and a half before her passing. She (somewhat) patiently endured subcutaneous fluids every other day and rebounded well. In early November this year, Camellia told us it was time to call Lap of Love when she stopped eating. Though we knew kidney disease and failure cannot be halted, the loss of our beautiful baby is incredibly painful. Every time I walk into the home office, I expect to see her sitting on my chair.Nancy StewigTampa, FloridaNovember 17, 2020
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I just had to let my sweet cat go on 11/13/2020 and wanted to send my condolences. We don’t know each other but you Camellia caught my attention. My princess’s name was Camaya, a flame point Himalayan/Persian born 4/14/2003 in Mn. I was caught by the similarities in our beauties. I hope you take comfort in knowing that they are always with us. Take care.Angela McNamara - November 20, 2020

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