4/22/2008 - 7/30/2014In all the world, there has never been a pet that has given two people more joy and happiness. "Scooby Doodle" was kind, friendly, smart, fun-loving and filled with life. We were blessed by having her as our family for six short years. She loved to play and was a great lap dog at 75 lbs. She loved taking walks with her daddy and meeting me everyday as I arrived home from work. She had a sixth sense to know when one of us wasn't feeling well and wouldn't leave our side. All the kids and other dogs in the neighborhood loved her. We loved her too and everyday that goes by we feel the loss and miss her more. We know she is in heaven now, free of cancer and pain and that gives us comfort. Thank you Bella for the joy and happiness you brought to our lives. We love you.Donna CannonWinston-Salem, North CarolinaAugust 16, 2014
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We lost you one year ago today. The house has not and will never be the same without you. We miss your unconditional love, your playfulness and your oh so sweet personality. Time may heal wounds but does not remove the scar of losing you so soon. We will always love you baby girl.
Daddy and Mommy
Bill Cannon - July 30, 2015
I know how much joy Bella brought to your lives. Only those of us who have lost our best friends can understand the overwhelming sorrow the loss of a pet brings. I know Roxy, Rex, and Carly are all with Bella right now on the other side of the rainbow bridge, where they can romp and play as much as they want, where they never get tired, never get sick, they nap in the sunshine for as long as they want, and never suffer again. Don't worry, we will see them again. XoxoLaura Scully - August 25, 2014
I still look for you at the pond. I wait at the turn in the road and look back at your house, hoping to see you coming down the driveway, bringing That Man With the Treats. You were an awesome wrestler, and always took me by surprise with your "whirling dervish" act. My Mom and Dad say I'll see you again...they miss you too. Thanks for being my friend, Bella!Ellie Mae Pruett - August 20, 2014
I understand competelyJohn Van Voorhis - August 18, 2014
So Sorry about you losing your little girl Bella.I know how much you loved her.It is a heartache only those who have been through it would understand. Just remember "All Dogs Go To Heaven" XO to BellaNoreen Hartung - August 17, 2014
Bella was a beautiful little girl!!!!! So innocent and unconditional love. Totally understand your loss. Been through it and took me many years to get another dog.Never wanted to feel that loss again.Just remember "All Dogs Go To Heaven" XO to BellaNoreen Hartung - August 17, 2014
Another broken heart down the road of life. So sad.Fran & Bill Hemingway - August 17, 2014
Bella was such a special little girl. Never brought her people anything but joy, and so much of it :)
It was easy to see that she was simply adored!
She was truly an angel.
Dr. Sara Fletcher - August 17, 2014

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