12/12/2005 - 11/11/2020A free spirit, a pusher, a non-stopper, an independent mind, the "impossible" to train royal lady but smart enough to know how to get things done...that was our Maggie. During her life she earned several nicknames, she was our Poopie Head, Purple Brain, Maggie The Queen, Stinky Paws, Poopie, Your Majesty, Poop, Your Highness; she was simply the boss, our boss; she ruled our lives. We looked for and bought a house based on her needs. We did things for you Maggie, but you do not have an idea how much you have done for us.
She had a special way to bond with every member of our family. Waiting for Daddy ten minutes before his arrival and if he was late, she just simply sat in front of the door, patiently waiting. When Mom was glued to the computer working on a college assignment, Maggie ferociously pushed the office chair to remind her that she was late for lunch "you did not feed me". She felt like a Mom when it came to our son "you need a bath, let me lick your whole you are ready". The "how dare you" lady knew how to ask for a walk, which was usually based on "her wishes", she usually put her head under Daddy's knee and pushed up "I want to walk now".
When we say your decline in health, we understood we needed to prepare the house for you to have a comfortable senior life. We tried to make things easy for you, and when you just simply could not handle the walking by yourself, we took turns to assist you. The decision to help you cross the bridge was not easy. We knew that you were in deep pain and you let us know that you were tired..."it is time to let me go". We prepared ourselves to properly help you go. It was important for us to let you know that we were there for you, surrounding you, telling you thank you for improving our lives and turning them into an amazing experience.
You are not with us anymore, the house feels empty, but your legacy filled our hearts with love and the memories we all built together will help us remember you with happiness. We came to the conclusion that you were sent into our lives to make us happy and to heal us. We are sure, when the proper time comes, we will see you again and you will hear from us "Hello Poopie Head, let me give you a kiss".
Ed McGarveyHorsham, PennsylvaniaNovember 18, 2020
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My dear baby girl. Yesterday I was retouching the lower parts of the walls at home. The paint will cover your nose marks, but it will never erase your memories from our hearts.
Love forever from Mom
Mariella McGarvey - November 18, 2020
Jen Maniet - November 18, 2020

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