4/22/2008 - 11/20/2020Jasmine
Princess Jasmine,
Our beloved Siamese cat;
You were loved and will be missed,
We can assure you of that.

You were our trusted companion,
For over twelve years;
And your untimely passing,
Has brought us both to tears.

When you got sick,
We did everything we could;
But when you starting losing weight,
We knew you weren’t feeling good.

We tried for over a year,
To get you on the mend;
But when nothing was working,
We knew it was close to the end.

I knew you were meant to be in our family,
When I picked you up that day;
I left early from work to adopt you from,

You were fun loving and feisty,
And somewhat mischievous;
And the pups loved watching you run about,
As did the rest of us.

And you sometimes had an attitude,
If you were woken from your naps;
But when nightfall came and we sat in our chairs,
You always made it to our laps.

I write this today with a heavy heart,
But know your suffering has passed;
You will always be in our thoughts and hearts,
With memories that will always last.

Written By John K. Racine
November 20, 2020

Jasmine was the loving cat of Peggy and John Racine. She will be missed.
John RacineSafety Harbor, FloridaNovember 21, 2020
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