1/1/2006 - 11/20/2020Bruno was always at my side through all the difficult times - moving, divorce, my mother’s passing, retirement. He always wanted to be with his mom. He slept on the bed by my side until he began to feel unbalanced on the bed. Then he slept on the floor next to the bed. He traveled far with me and was always up for an adventure. He climbed Camelback mountain, pulled my tube down the Guadeloupe, wore out his pads on the enchanted mountain, helped me search cemeteries in Pennsylvania, ran through the corn fields of Ohio. He loved to visit family in Tulsa and San Antonia. He enjoyed swimming and would paddle with just his front feet., using his tail as a giant rudder. He was always my protector. The UPS guy never got into our house.. he made the mistake of biting the mailman but he thought he was protecting his mom. He was in the car when the mailman handed me the mail. As I was walking into the house the mailman turned and ran after me, waving a package over his head. Bruno pushed through the back window of the SUV and bit him. He would cry when I got out of the car to put in gas. Whenever I left home he would wait by the door. I knew this day would come but hoped it would hold off a bit longer. I will miss him forever.Dianne McquarrieDallas, TexasNovember 22, 2020
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That little boy had the best life with the family you made him a part of. He was an amazing addition and I'm so glad you had him for all of his years. He will be missed.Michael McQuarrie - November 23, 2020
Bruno was a part of our family and we miss him a whole lot. I loved the special bond shared between Bruno and my mother. He always kept her safe and made sure she always had company. Bruno's best dog friend was my Great Dane, Lily. I have great memories of the two of them running around together as puppies, wrestling in the pool, acting silly. Lily always liked to dig holes in the dirt but Bruno would run over and and lay in her newest hole and claim it as his own. His favorite game was for you to push him down and then he would flop on his back and roll around like an idiot. Bruno never did anything just a little bit - he always went full bore - including in his dedication to my mom. Run free, Bruno! Say hello to Lily, Elliott, and all the rest of our beloved family members.Kerry McQuarrie - November 23, 2020

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