9/21/2012 - 10/25/2020My sweet Baby Zachy, I want to thank you for the two wonderful years of life we shared together. You brought so much love and joy into our home. I remember the first time your dad and I saw you at Pet Smart in Elmsford NY, we were in awe of how big you were. We didn’t get to see your face and yet we fell in love with you. When we went back for a meet and greet with you, boy did you put on a show for us, especially for your daddy. There’s no way we could’ve walked out of there without you. When we brought you, home you were a purring machine filled with happiness and in a matter of minutes you found your favorite spot on the ledge of the bow window. Every morning, I would deliberately go to work thirty minutes late just to play with you. We would religiously start our day with your favorite game of hide n’ seek and you would tag me when I pretended not to see you hiding under the coffee table or behind the curtains. Then we would play with one of your favorite toys or just blowing bubbles and watch you jump and catch them. Good thing I was the boss or I would’ve been fired long ago. In the evening when your dad and I would be on our way home from work, as soon as we turn into Buttonwood Ave, I would feel this burst of happiness knowing that you’re sitting on the window sill waiting for us. When you spot us turning into to driveway, you would jump down and greet us at the door. Then begins the purrs, trills and chirrups, the bunting and love bites on our knees, followed by the kneading. Not forgetting to mention the conversations before your dinner and back up on the window sill staring out the window with you cute little bob tail swaying from side to side. . On any stressful day when I get home from work, all it took were a few strokes of petting you, a head scratch or a chin rub and my stress would disappear. It’s as if you would absorb it all from me. I will always remember Nov 14th, 2019 when I came home from work sick. It was just the two of us and you never left my side. You sleep in the bedroom with me all night. The next morning when I woke up with swollen eyes and a fever, we went downstairs to the kitchen to get you breakfast. I didn’t have the energy to go back to bed, so I stayed on the the sofa and you stayed on the chair next to me all day until your dad came home late in the evening. If you had the ability to make me a bowl of chicken soup, you would’ve. That’s who you were. Always caring, protecting and so affectionate, not just with me but all of us. Your love for us was unconditional.Ariefa InayetNazareth, PennsylvaniaNovember 22, 2020
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To my Sister, Brother-in-law and family,
We are so sorry for your loss. It’s not an easy losing a child pet. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have met him. I can still imagine him sitting in front the window looking out. He was such a sweet kitty. Each day will get easier as you find the strength to walk through the days , weeks and months without him. But you have wonderful memories to hold tight and cherish as you do. He is now free from sickness and in a much better place.

Lots of love from us.
Sheimoon Ishmael - December 9, 2020
Zach was such a special boy. It was clear to anyone who met him just how deeply loved he was and how dearly he will be missed. He had a very noble demeanor, and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him, if only for a short time. Rest well, sweet boy, until we meet again.Amy Parrish - November 28, 2020
Love ❤️you always my battle cat, my thunder cat, my 🐶🐻🧒🦇🐱, my feline son. Your presence, your everything are missed dearly but never forgotten.🌹❤️🕉Rudy Seedarnee - November 25, 2020
Zachy, you were my big brother and my best friend. After I lost my baby brother Hunter, you came into my life and became my new big brother. I loved following you around and sitting by the window with you. We ate all of our meals together, played and fight, and took naps together. I know I annoyed you sometimes, but that's what baby brothers do. I loved grooming your head and behind your ears, and I know you loved it too. I sometimes search the house and can't find you anywhere, and I get very sad and lonely. I miss you so much. Mommy told me you're no longer sick and you're in very happy place with Hunter now. That makes me happy.
Love always,
Your baby brother and BFF Chunky.
Chunky Seedarnee - November 24, 2020
We share in the loss of your beautiful Zachy and are thankful for the opportunity to have meet him. He was such a sweet boy while we were visiting, we would find him in Brandon’s room (where we stayed) checking up on us. He loved when we petted him and showed him our love, our little girl was curious about him just as I am sure he was of her. We will hold our memories of him close and those that you shared with us of him as well. You are all in our thoughts and we take comfort knowing he is now at peace.

Love Always, Afsana, Arben, Aria and Adon
Afsana Ishmael - November 24, 2020
My deepest condolences and love go out to all of you with this loss you have experienced. I’m so grateful I was able to meet and know Zach in the short the time that I was visiting. He touched my heart and welcomed me into your home with no hesitation. A feeling a love I will never forget. I will forever cherish those sweet moments we had together. I love you Zachy.Razyah Baksh - November 24, 2020
Just a few words to express how much unconditional love our fur babies can bring to us. One of the hardest things is to lose them but in my heart I truly believe they are always with us. As long as there is a memory that was shared and you remember that memory, then they will really never leave you . My cousin and brother-in-law, each day will get easier but one thing you will never do is forget Zach for the love he brought to you and vice versa. He is now in a better place and will always be thankful to both of you for loving him so much.Ashura Husanini - November 24, 2020
My family and I would like to send our deepest condolences and love to all of you for this tremendous loss you feel and have experienced. Unfortunately we were not able to meet or know Zach well. Zubi and Zayn so wanted to see him and play. Even without meeting him, they loved him. Loved seeing pictures and video of what he was up to or getting into. Those stories they'll miss hearing. But we know that Zach is in a better place, free from hurt and sickness. And for that we are grateful. We are hear for all of you, we support you and love you.
Farzana Chansisay - November 24, 2020
Uncle Zachy, I never got a chance to meet you in person because of Covid-19. I enjoyed our video chats though. You were so big, like a baby tiger. I hope you're enjoying your beautiful life in Heaven. You are our Angel watching down on us now.

Love you forever,
Your niece,
Sahara Liya
Sahara Liya Inayet - November 23, 2020
Zach, my little hero. I miss you with each passing day. I sometimes sit and cry silently when I think of the joy and happiness in my life that was gone too soon. I wish we had more years with each other. If love could've saved you, I would've had you forever. Rest now my little angel. Until we meet again someday. I love you forever. Your memories will be with me always. Your paw prints will always be in our home and our hearts.Ariefa Inayet - November 23, 2020

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