10/3/2005 - 11/24/2020Clyde wasn't the best cat, but he was our cat. He and his sister (Bonnie) came to us one October morning back in 2004. They were so small and cute. They quickly became part of the household and as Clyde grew, he became the LEADER of the pack. He took each new kitten that came into the house under his paw and showed them the ropes. He corrected the bad habits (and showed them some as well).
His passing is so painful as 2020 took my old horse (37 years) DOC back in January. COVID made it impossible for me to be with him if he had to go to the vet office.
I am so thankful for the service Lap of Love provided. Dr. Mary was such a comfort to us and took such good care of Clyde as we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge.
It never gets any easier to lose a pet, whatever it might be. I know in my mind Clyde is in a better place, but my heart still looks for him each day. I'm sure Clyde will send another LUCKY KITTY our way when the time is right.
William CarterAvon, IndianaNovember 26, 2020
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It was such an honor to meet you, and listen to your passion of saving kitties that need your love. I know saying goodbye to Clyde was so difficult, and you continue to be in my thoughts.
Dr. Mary
Mary Kovach - December 10, 2020
Having lost a precious cat in the year 2017 I know how you feel. You keep looking for them and waiting for them to get it your lap to no avail. One day a new baby will arrive when it's time.Betty Carter - November 27, 2020

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