3/25/2004 - 11/25/2020CASSY
What you've taught me:

Be kind, no matter what, be kind
To give, live , and love
Enjoy sunbathing, bask in the warmth
Live in the moment, watch the fluttering of a butterflies wings
Run, run more, run faster, until you can't anymore
Eat your food with gusto, drink plenty of water, and sleep when needed, taking naps frequently
Enjoy your bath and how good you feel afterward
Love unconditionally
Great the one you love at the door as if they have been gone for years
Kiss often and meaningfully
Life is short, make every moment count
To always be there, no judgements
Play, make time to play
Make friends and enjoy their company because you don't know how long you'll have them
The language of love comes in many forms
You can tell love just by the way someone looks at you, like you do
Snuggle as close as you can in bed because you want to show your love and who the true owner of the bed is-----
I am seeing you off at this end so that we can meet once again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We will recognize each other and start up where today ends. I will carry you wholly in my heart until we meet again. I love you more than you will ever know; than words, , a touch, a kiss, a hug can say. Your spirit is part of mine and we will be intertwined forever. You have saved my life in so many ways and loved me even when I didn't love myself. I am forever grateful.
I love you and goodbye sweet Cassy. Mom
Sally GreerJuno Beach, FloridaNovember 26, 2020
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Such a sweet, beautiful girl!Tiffany Matheson - November 30, 2020

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