9/6/2008 - 11/13/2020Shane: I had the luxury of having you as a boisterous companion and Little Rob Roy, your best buddy for eight years, sure does miss you my friend. Rest in peace my big, bold blond; the house is so quiet without you. The three photos I picked to celebrate your life are: the first photo I ever took of you on the day I brought you home, the second photo is of you and your best buddy Roy, and the third is the bittersweet day I let you go.Fairfax, VirginiaNovember 27, 2020
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Hi Marie. Shane was one lucky dog to get you as his Mom. You did a great job with him. Shane was a fabulous dog. I can only imagine how heartbroken you, Roy, and EddieFreddie are feeling. Charlie, Teddy, and I will keep you in our prayers. Wishing you the best.Terri Marquis - November 30, 2020
I truly enjoyed every moment that I spent with him. Whether it was taking him along with Roy and Mitch, on walks with Mari, or if it was us all chilling inside on a rainy day. I loved the times when I would be sitting on the glider couch and Shane would immediately jump up and chill with me, then he’d get so blissed out that he’d do his little puffs. Also I loved when all of the dogs had just settled down and Mari or I would say “squirrel” or “who’s there”. That always made me smile, and he gave the best cuddles. Shane was and always will be remembered in my heart as the best ginger floof, truck driver, pumpkin I have ever met. May he remember all of the butt scratches I gave him.Yana Rogers - November 29, 2020
Aside from being a lovely rough-coated collie, Shane was ever so much more... sweet, fun, and, so much loved by Marie, her family and friends who were lucky enough to have gotten to just how special he was.
We miss you lovely boy, and we know you are in beloved company among whom we all look forward to seeing on that next part of our spirits journey. RIP, Shane.
Holly and Pat Raffaele - November 29, 2020
RIP sweet Shane. Your moma sure misses you but we know all too well you can' t stay furever. Run free!Joni Willoughby - November 28, 2020
What a good ginger boy. Not only was Shane beautiful; he was sweet, happy, and good-tempered. He will be missed.Stewart Nielson - November 28, 2020
Marie, so sorry for your loss! He had a wonderful home and you as his Mama! What more could a dog want? I can only hope that all our animals are waiting for us when we pass & greet us at those gates. My heart goes out to you.Cathy Fairchild - November 28, 2020

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