Soup (souper Duper)
11/23/2020Your mom came to our house starving and and apparently pregnant. Soon after, my cats Luna Mae and Tater Tot sneaked her in the house through the cat door and she went upstairs in our beloved Anya’s bedroom and gave birth to you and your three siblings. You were the runt.
Through the weeks that passed, I noticed you had such a distinct personality. You always sat back and observed everything around you. You especially loved going outside and watching the birds, squirrels, frogs in the pool, lizards and butterflies. You were such a humble baby girl, always allowing your siblings to be first with everything, including daily lovings from me. Your were very whimsical and anytime, without fail, when I entered a room, you would cock your sweet head, roll over on your back and wait for me to rub and gently scratch your belly. I’m so glad I never missed an opportunity to do so! I will miss you dearly and so will your siblings Cheddar (Ched’s) and Cheesecake. Ched’s still looks for you. I will take care of your siblings. When our angel, Dr. Christina G, came and helped you to peacefully cross over to Heaven, you had a smile on your face during your last breath... which I instantly knew... you had just met our Anya, age 16. Now your together.
I thank God HE gave you to us. We will always love you ... our Souper Duper!
Tonya PleimannSugar Land, TexasNovember 27, 2020
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Soup was blessed to have such a great family. She was deeply loved and cared for by you while here and now she is enjoying more love and tummy rubs from your daughter. The love continues on ❤Christina Guillory - December 3, 2020

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