6/1/2009 - 11/27/2020She loved fiercely and joyfully, and with her whole being.

She greeted old friends and new ones (as long as they were people and not dogs), with a full smile and exuberant tail, and sometimes a vigorous figure 8 run.

Strong, courageous, and fast as the wind on four legs (and almost that fast on three), her warrior heart and spirit fought on; she wanted to stay with her people and muscled through.

Roxy never met a rider mower or tiller she wouldn’t take on with gusto.

Harvester of cantaloupe from the garden and pears from the orchard, she enjoyed fruit and veggies and much more, and had a penchant for hoarding.

Though she wore the squinty-eyed guilty expression like a bad poker face, that never stopped her from getting into the garbage just about every chance she got.

Hunter of skunks and possums and chaser of deer and dogs and coyotes, she patrolled the border of her yard and beyond, making sure no one threatened us. Blazing through the radio fence, she loved walkabouts in the woods that kept us up like worried parents of teenagers out past curfew, but always returned home.

Smart and polite, her one-bark-and-wait was her doorbell ring. This she also employed at the neighbor’s fence when wanted a treat; she trained us all well.

She wanted to be where the people are, and was most happy when her family was outside on a warm day, ideally with company, and a lizard or two to hunt.

Roxy co-hosted Winter and Summer Solstice gatherings, and countless Fourth of July parties. I’ve never seen another dog so steadily look someone in the eye while being serenaded, nor one who enjoyed fireworks and parties so much. Roxy’s personality blurred the line between person and dog.

And because she loved so well, she was well loved by so many. She is etched in our hearts and souls, our one-and-only family dog. Our sunshine, our protector, our friend and beloved four-legged family member; may your next adventure be even bigger, and better. We love you always.
Amanda RocheNashville, TennesseeNovember 28, 2020
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What a beautiful and full life your sweet Roxy lived. She loved fiercely and she was fiercely loved. What a blessing to have known and cherished this sweet girl for so many years. I am heartbroken for you and your family, but I know Roxy lives on in your hearts.Abra Osorio - December 3, 2020

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