7/4/2010 - 11/20/2020When you adopt a pet you never really think about the moment you’ll have to say good bye. You only think about the joy and love you’re going to bring to their lives for what you believe will be forever.

Chron was my best friend. I told him everything these past 10 years. When I was upset, he knew, when I was depressed, he laid sprawled across me, when I went through traumatic life experiences, his calming purr was the first to show me that I was going to make it through. He genuinely loved me, when I did nothing to deserve it.

I’ve learned over these past few weeks of all the friends Chron truly had. All of the lives he was a part of, all of the memories people had of him. Chron was a part of me as well as all of my friendships.

We spent his last days at wintergreen, a special place to us both. He was loved, cuddled, and reminded of just how important he was.

Today I said good bye as he looked at me and we watched his sweet soul leave his body. In our bedroom, on his favorite Sherpa blanket, he peacefully drifted away. He’s no longer suffering and that brings me peace. I’ll miss you sweet prince.

A familiar is any being who’s soul connects with yours, without any force or effort. Today I lost that earthly yet immensely spiritual soul bond too soon. I’m so blessed that you were mine. Thank you for moving and breathing through the chaos of this world with me. I know your spirit will continue to guide me and I’ll learn to feel you close, yet again.

That mass on your heart was never expected, and I’m sorry there was nothing else I could have done but tell you that you were loved as you slipped away.

Thank you for making You are free now. I love you, always, in all ways.
Amanda WillisAshburn, VirginiaNovember 30, 2020
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