4/20/2008 - 11/28/2020Hooch, Hoochie, Mr. Hooch, Hooch Pooch, we miss you buddy. But we know you’re back with Stella Lynn and maybe reunited with dogs/humans you knew before you came to us. You were the best. Thank you for your unconditional love and sweetness!!Kris CloseFredonia, OhioNovember 30, 2020
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Dearest Hooch,

From the moment we met I could tell what a special boy you were; you had a heart of gold and didn't know a stranger. It was such an honor to be by your family's side and help you gently fall asleep eating cheese and peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge from the comfort of your home.

May you run freely in the sunshine with Stella, nap deeply on the cushiest couches, and enjoy all of the awesome table scraps your heart desires!

With love,

Dr. Nellie
Nellie Wilbers - December 3, 2020
I’ve been the dog nanny for the Close family for years. Loving every moment with every dog. I am so happy that I was a part of his life for all his life. Hooch and I reached our old years about the same time. We both have had our troubles walking. So we enjoyed every morning together having our breakfast on the deck in the presence of God‘s amazing sunrises. At bedtime & sometimes on the spur of the moment, I gave Hooch massages. Hooch enjoyed every massage he received and I loved watching him relax & drift off to sleep as he got those. Hooch, I’ll miss you my friend but it makes me smile as I think of you running & playing with Stella as you once did.
The Crazy Dog Lady loves you❣️
Cheri Weber - December 2, 2020

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