3/10/2012 - 12/1/2020Sage was the best girl. Every where we went - the vet, the groomer, the park - EVERY TIME people would just say “we love Sage! She is so sweet!” She was your typical golden retriever who cared more about human companionship than her fellow dogs. Any time we were around other dogs, she’d rather get to know the humans. We had to stop going to the dog park and start walking since sitting around by all the humans wasn’t really expending much energy. She was the funnies little peanut with the sillies faces. She loved the water - didn’t matter what kind of body... ocean, pool, lake, puddle... wherever there was water - she was in it. She could play and swim for hours without getting tired. Some of my favorite things about her are the smallest things: the way she laid by our bed ... but somehow always ended up halfway under the bed; the way she would lay by the door and squish her face against my yoga blocks or the wall; how excited she would get if I just mentioned the word Starbucks or Taco Bell; the way she never stopped bouncing around in the car even if it was an 8 hour trip she would have just as much energy at hour 8 than at minute 1. She was the cuddliest little panda and would lay completely on top of you. She would wag her tail just when you talked to her. She was the happiest pup and never complained. Sage was the light of my life and I will miss her every second of the day.Marissa CozettePlacentia, CaliforniaDecember 3, 2020
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Even though I never personally had the pleasure of physically meeting you, I felt I knew you through photos in Instagram and Facebook, you were a legend of greatness brought joy to many, a kindred spirit, always remembered never forgotten, You may not be here physically but spiritually you’ll always be here comforting the ones you touched and loved! Your in a better place with your sister cinnamon, out of physically pain and resting for your journey into the spiritual world.. May your photos and memories comfort those forever, we love you bunches sage! Love aunt Denise in Tucson Arizona 2020Denise Fischer - December 6, 2020
I love you so much Sage! I will never forget you!Terri Cozette - December 6, 2020
My sweet Sage, I’m going to miss you so much. You were the light of every room always the happiest, sweetest angel. I remember when Marissa first got you and how precious you were then and even more so later on. Every time we would go to the beach or car rides or anything you would always act like it was the best day of your life. Your personality grew so much through the years and watching you grow was such a treasure. You had the most amazing heart and soul of sunshine. I don’t know what I’m going to do walking into the house and not seeing you there to greet me. And waking up in the morning to have you looking at me on the side of the bed wagging your tail and ready to start each day with a smile. You always brought the biggest smile to my face and everyone around you. You’ll always be in my heart and I will never forget the joy you brought to my life. Love you so much peanut.Staci Sigmon - December 6, 2020
Sage what can I say ! You were the light of our day ! You came to me when I was sad , upset and happy. The all around support system. You tended to every emotional need. You had a swag to you . A coolness in all respect. You loved and cherished . You knew how to appreciate from the scent of food to the heart beat of a hug close to the chest you’d slant your head down and take it all in. You’d kiss with such sweetness it hurts to speak or even think of your kisses and hugs now that you aren’t physically with us. You loved to supervise all my projects and you were my bbq buddy . I still see you walking with me in the backyard it hurts . I know you aren’t in pain . I know you needed rest. You taught me a whole lot more than I could’ve learned alone. You taught me the love I have for others can be returned . You loved me more than I loved you because your heart was greater than any human can fathom. You and Marissa came into my life equally the same . You had speculation at first but then found me out. You knew you had my heart and returned the love 2 fold. I love you and miss you soo much Sage. Sagè as I called you . I miss you noticing I’m awake in the living room when I’m feeling bad and you go give me a kiss then your company. Sage you will never ever leave my heart mind or life. You will always live with me as every fallen family does. I miss you and love you Sage .Luis Peña - December 5, 2020

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