5/1/2008 - 12/2/2020Gili came to us from a rescue. She had been returned twice after being picked up in NYC with only a "few days left". It's a loss to those that initially turned their backs on her. But, a huge WIN for us. Yes, she was tenacious, strong-willed and a handful at times, but she was also the smartest, absolute sweetest, smiley pittie ever!! She gave back as much love as she was given! A true huntress, she loved everything about exploring outside -- sniffing every scent left in our yard, eating whatever she came across, and always expecting a treat upon her arrival back in the house. She never missed a meal and was happy to steal any remaining food left by her 'big' baby brother, Pax, who misses her too very much. Her huge presence in our house is already so very much missed. Her barking at every sound, rushing the door at the thought of a visitor bringing her a treat, and her daily pittie-fits made our home a very active place. She had a special way of 'talking" to us with her expressive eyes. She knew too much and she knew she was not well. We will forever miss our girl, her wet kisses, sweet smile and big personality. May she rest in peace now.Lisa EChester County, PennsylvaniaDecember 4, 2020
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Gili was the reason I fell in love with pitties. From her Delco painted on looking eyebrows to her non stop pittie smile. She had the cutest tiny bouncy ears. Clearly a misunderstood pup from the beginning I couldn’t be more thankful to my sister and her family for never giving up on her. I’ll miss those deep eyes that has stories to tell but they were all forgotten because she was raised in such a loving patient home. ❤️Nicol DiMarzio - December 9, 2020
Beautiful little pibble 💗
You were lucky to have each other.
Angie Hyde - December 4, 2020
Rest In Peace, sweet girl. I know your family loved you very much. I am honored to have met you and have helped you cross over the rainbow bridge. 🌈💕Sara Barlowe - December 4, 2020

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