Lord Stanley, Aka Stanley
4/24/2014Stanley was born on April 24, 2014 and was such a unique cat. With no tail his human parents thought something was wrong, only to learn he was a Manx cat. He had cute bunny legs and would wag his little stumpy around. He loved playing ring with his dad, helping his mom in the kitchen, eating vanilla Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, chasing mice and being with his brother. He loved trips to see his Grandparents and the treats he would get. He was social and was a ham for picture and people. He waited by the door for us to come home and would have long conversations with his dad. He was dads boy.

On December 7, 2020 Stanley passed to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by his mom, dad and brother at home. He will always be my bud bud and will always be loved.
Ann and Ryan BellPalatine, IL, IllinoisDecember 8, 2020
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Thank you for this sweet message. Sweet Stanley, although I only knew you for a briefly I could tell what a great companion you were. I am so grateful you were part of such a loving family who gave you the best of care. You will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to have meet you.Miranda Shaw - January 5, 2021
I will miss you, my sweet son!!! Love, Deowdy!!!Ryan Bell - December 9, 2020

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