1/31/2013 - 8/5/2014We had to say goodbye to our Jake, 3 wks ago tomorrow. It's still hard to take a breath without feeling a pang in my heart. Jake was a black, Newfoundland/Lab mix, 142lbs, and 13 yrs old. He gave us all that he had to give, we were on borrowed time, I know that. Jake filled our hearts, our lives and this house, but I never realized until his passing that HE was ruler, Head Master, in charge of our domain. He told us when it was time to get up, when to go to bed, when someone was coming through the gate. He always made sure the floors were free of crumbs. He went with me everywhere in the car. He alerted me when my husband had a heart attack. He had been constant nurse maid to my husband for the past 2 yrs.
Jake was a pleaser, a giver, always happy, eager to do whatever you needed. Sometimes he'd sit in front of you and just stare, as if to say '"Can I get your slippers for you?"' I'd carry a leash when we'd go for walks, but it rarely was attached to Jake, he just always knew what he was & wasn't suppose to do. He loved to sit in the front yard and survey his surroundings with his friend Max, the cat. He never complained about a new addition, like my grandchildren, or a rescued litter of kittens, or an obnoxious, self-centered Great Pyrenees. Jake very rarely ventured over to the dish right next to his that contained wet dog food, a banana and toast for the "brat dog", when he was only getting dry food. I cooked special bones for him weekly that "Brat" won't touch. I wonder if the butcher will notice after all these years, the lack of my order?
I know in a month, 6 months from now, I'll still be finding chewies that Jake buried in the garden. Everywhere I look, I'm reminded of my Jake. Amazing dog just doesn't even come close. I told Jake daily, throughout the day that I loved him and would apologize if I'd forgotten his bone when we'd sit down for dinner or hadn't freshened his water that morning, but I don't remember ever telling him Thank You. Thank you for caring for us. We miss you so much, handsome boy.
jan banningriverside, CaliforniaAugust 25, 2014
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