5/8/2011 - 8/24/2014Snickers loved to bask in the sun and feel the soft grass on his back. A cool breeze would make him blissfully lift his head and squint his eyes. On walks when the sun would come out, he would often force us to stop and make us enjoy those things with him. He taught us to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. The things that were right in front of us the whole time. But most of all, he loved his Mom and Dad. At our heels all the time, or leaning on us while we watch movies. When the day was done, he would crawl up into bed and snuggle as close as possible. His love was never-ending and unconditional. Anyone who met him immediately fell in love. And he would love back with lots of licks. For the rest of our lives, he will be forever in our thoughts, and in our hearts. One day we will meet again at the rainbow bridge where we will cross together and live forever. We love you with all our hearts Snickers. -Steven and KellySteven and Kelly BradyRaleigh, North CarolinaAugust 27, 2014
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I have the pleasure of being Snickers Grandma...he made me feel wonderful just sitting on my lap! I miss his soft fur and big brown eyes! Yes, his tine was short, but oh...the pleasure and love was long and never ending!
Love you, precious soul...until we meet at the rainbow bridge, I will be forever grateful that you enriched my life...and Steven and Kelly enriched yours!
Love xo
Debbie Brady - August 29, 2014
We did not met Snickers in person, but his personality never failed to shine through all of his photos. Thank you for sharing such a special pup with us, one who always made Ellys say, "Awe! I want to kiss him!" You are in our thoughts.Blakely, Sean, & Ellys Edgecombe - August 28, 2014
Snickers was the softest, sweetest love bug of a pup I've had the pleasure to meet. He will truly be missed, from those who spent their days with him to those of us that only got a glimpse of how wonderful he truly was. We're lighting this candle for you, Snickers.Ashlea Ricci - August 28, 2014
I had the good fortune to meet Snickers this past Summer. Our friendship was far too short, but I count myself lucky as my life was made richer for knowing him. He was a cuddle master supreme, a refined gentleman of leisure, and as sweet as a pup could ever be.James Ricci - August 28, 2014
Sorry guys. He will be missed so much. Everyone loved him. All he had to do was be his self.Mark Brady - August 28, 2014
Snickers was such a sweet boy and a bundle of love that you just didn't want to put down.
I'm so sorry you have lost such a special baby boy.

Love you!!
The Anti
susan petrie - August 28, 2014
Hi guys I know how much a part of your lives Snickers was. Focus on the great time you had together and how special Snickers was. How lucky you were to share the time you had. Love you guys...Rick Higgens - August 28, 2014
My dear Kelly & Steven,

May you be comforted by all the wonderful memories from your beloved Snickers!

Much love,

Janet Brady - August 28, 2014
Snickers, you are an incredible light in my life. You kept me company day and night. You were a symbol of all that is precious in this twisted world. I loved you beyond measure. And in the past 4 months when we lost Eric, I was suffering. The grief was unbearable. But I had you. I would just hug and kiss you, and hold you like a baby. And you would always return the love 1000 fold. You were only here a short while, but the light your brought to this world has changed me forever. You were not just a dog, you were my baby. I promise I will take time every day to enjoy the sun and the grass like you taught me. You are eternally in my heart and soul. And I will look for you at the rainbow bridge one day. Goodbye for now my dearest friend.

Steven Brady - August 27, 2014
Love you all....going to miss you so much (Major) Snickers ......too short of a time with you but you left such a lasting memory.....miss you buddy. Casey and webbcasey snyder - August 27, 2014

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