6/30/2007 - 12/12/2020For over 13 years, Percy shared his life with me, the good days and the bad. I am so grateful that I was known and loved by him. My days with him meant so much because he loved me. He was a gift, a blessing, and a miracle. I miss him so much. He was my pretty boy, my buddy, my soul cat. He was the best cat in the world and the kindest, sweetest, gentlest spirit I’ve ever known. Everyone who knew him loved him. I will love him forever and a day, and I often told him that. And I pray that he will be sending me love forever and a day.

Thank you, Percy. Godspeed.
Joan SaliskasChicago, IllinoisDecember 27, 2020
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I'm proud to have been Percy's godfather. He was the most handsome cat. And loving. He will always be missed and never forgotten. Percy was lucky to have had Joan as his mother. She had much love to give, and gave it.Stephen Wead - January 15, 2021
Dear Joan,
It was an honor to meet you and your sweet Percy. He embodied his name perfectly, a pure, quiet and loving presence that touched the hearts of everyone he met. He was meant for so much more than his little Wisconsin barn, and was so blessed to have found his way in to your kitty loving home. The love that you shared was undeniable and can never be broken. While he may no longer be by your side, he will forever live on in your heart. Rest in peace sweet sir.
Maura Lehmann - January 11, 2021
Dear Joan,
I'm so sorry on your loss of your beloved Percy. I know you loved him so much and you fought so hard for him. Your precious fur-baby is now your fur-angel, watching over you and Sophie and Middie. He left his pawprints on your heart and will forever be there. If only our pets could be with us longer, but someday we'll be together again. Take care and much love!
Maryann Kaczorowski - January 11, 2021
I’m so sorry for your loss, Joan. You and Percy were so lucky to have found each other. You are in my thoughts and prayers.P Matula - January 11, 2021
Dear Joan, Percy was a beautiful and loving cat. I know that you miss him so very much each day. I'm smiling when I read your tribute to your sweet buddy and wrote that Percy was your soul mate cat. Only another true cat lover can understand having a cat that has become your best friend. Percy will remain in your memories and heart forever. Percy was a gift from God to you. He was the most special cat ever, and I am so sorry that he is no longer purring at your feet. Our cats are never with us long enough.Carol Picciolo - January 10, 2021
Percy is at peace. He will be with you and in your heart, always.
Keith Solomon - January 8, 2021
Yes, everyone that met Percy loved him - how could they not? He was the epitome of "sweet". He would not demand petting as some cats do. However, he would certianly respond with a purr if you offered some! He had a quiet, peacful presence and a very kind nature. And he was a handsome boy with gorgeous eyes! He loved Joan. She gave him a wonderful life full of love, safety, care, treats and toys. All the love he gave came right back to him. He will be missed but never forgotten. We all love you, Percy!Patti Szaflarski - January 8, 2021
Percy was so beautiful, Joan. He brought you so much joy
and comfort. You are not alone because I know you will
feel his presence. He loved you as much as you loved him.
Vicki Vitalo - January 7, 2021
Dear Joan,

Our cats certainly bring us serious love. Love always!!
Joan Goliak - January 6, 2021
Percy truly was a gift from God. This little guy was loved by many and will be greatly missed. You are in my thoughts and prayers Joan. Love you. ❤🙏Patty Freeman - January 6, 2021
Dearest Joan,
I loved Percy from the first time we talked with him. He has such a sweetness and a depth of love for you that touched me to the core. I couldn't help but fall in love with him from this and from looking at his handsome, darling innocent face. My heart cries for you with your loss of him by your side on earth. Please know that I send you much love as you go through this difficult time of grief. May Percy's soul soar in peace, and may your heart heal in gentleness and peace, with all the gifts he gave you safe inside you always.
Teresa Wagner - January 5, 2021 brought Joan so much happiness...thank you for were and will always be loved. I know you will always watch over Joan, Sophie and Middy, and that, even though she cant see you, you are always with her.Tina Chicola - January 5, 2021
I met Percy when he adopted Joan. I was his Godmother. He was the most gentle and beautiful kitty. His spirit will always be with everyone he met.Madeleine Jacobs - January 4, 2021
Although I never met Percy, I know how loved he was and how lovable.
His sweet picture conveys his spirit and I know in my heart that he was one of the lucky ones who experienced love and care during his time here.
Blessings sent to this sweet soul and his Mama and siblings
Terri Treiman - January 4, 2021
Everyone that knew you, loved you very much. You are greatly missed.Joanne Castro - January 3, 2021
What a beautiful tribute for Percy. It made me think of my deceased cat Madeline-and made me cry. Animals are ALL beautiful creatures who come in to our lives -but don’t stay as long as we wished!!
R I P Sweet Percy
Kathy Burns - January 3, 2021
Dear Joan,
I'm honored to have been present with you during Percy's return to dust. I know God is taking good care of him. He joins all of your loved ones in heaven.
I'm grateful for our friendship.
God's peace,
Sheila Cusack - January 3, 2021

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