10/29/2007 - 1/3/2021Archie, Arch, D’Arch, Bob Barker... he was one of most challenging, loving,loyal and protective dogs we have ever had. My husband always wanted a mastiff and we had to find one to rescue! We believe in rescuing from a local shelter! He was about 9-10 months old when we got him! I cannot tell you how many couches we went through!!! How many crates he broke out of!!!! How many fences he climbed!!! We were buying remote controls in bulk because he was taking them outside through the doggy door and burying them outside! Hahaha amazing memories... Arch was very protective of our home especially myself. His presence, his wide confident chest, his soft velvety ears, his huge head... he was so so loving.. All he wanted to do was be a 90 lbs lap dog... he got along with all the animals!!! We have cats, guinea pigs and smaller dogs... He loved them all!!! Our family will miss him so very much!!!Margarita OddoBuffalo, New YorkJanuary 4, 2021
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