8/14/2001 - 1/7/2021Dolly was a “sleeper” cat, a slow-burn. What do I mean by this? She used to sit at the far side of the room and stare at me, just stare at me, for long periods of time. She was not particularly affectionate with me, with the strange exception of when I got out of the shower (a pheromonal thing?), and I didn’t think she much liked me. This feeling only intensified when, during social gatherings, she would be all over any women in attendance, and she generally loved parties (she once famously plopped herself down in the middle of a chair circle when I hosted an end-of-semester class session at our home). When we realized that she would run under a table any time one of us put on boots, it occurred to us that she might have been abused, or specifically kicked, by a man before I adopted her. Although our bond certainly strengthened over the years (and she was so smart and intuitive—the kind of cat who would sleep by you all day when you were sick), competing with two attention hogs didn’t help. Then one day after dinner several years ago, I said to her “why don’t you ever come sit with me on the couch?” I swear this is true—she followed me and joined me on the couch for the first time. This became a habit, but she developed a tendency to steal my seat whenever I moved (I assume for the warmth). Sometimes, she would sit next to me, upright, and stare at me. I assumed she just wanted my seat. Then one day, she tentatively crawled on my lap, and I cried when I realized that, all along, she was just asking to sit on my lap. She sat on my lap a lot in the last few years , and our bond grew even stronger after first Cleo, then Max died. I somehow always knew she would be the last one standing, despite being the oldest. I am grateful for these last few, very special years with her and, as much as I hated losing Max, I am glad she got to be an “only cat” for her last year or so. I loved her deeply, we both did. She will always be remembered and always be missed. But today I want to celebrate her nearly 20 years of life—about all a cat can hope for—and to express my gratitude that she spent over 18 of those years with me.Andrew HostetlerLOWELL, MassachusettsJanuary 8, 2021
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What a beautiful little girl. Sounds like she was lucky you found her. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.Angela Rice - January 24, 2021

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