8/18/2011 - 1/7/2021Oso my sweet sweet boy. You have given me the greatest decade plus of love and genuine loyalty. You were the sweetest boy, literally everyone loved you. There was no training needed, you already knew to stay by my side. A leash was not necessary for you. You stayed by my side. The first dog to enter our lives. There will be no other like you. You were the alpha, told the youngsters to calm down and nap. The BEST little spoon. I did everything I could to give you the greatest life possible. You gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for, your love. A piece of me passed on with you. Waking up without your snoring was painful. You were the best big brother to Miel. You showed her how to be so much like you. Miel looks for you still. I miss our walks, butt scratches, naps, and most of all car rides. Ugh, you loved those car rides. Driving today without you hurt so badly. I miss your annoying whines for walks, rides and treats, I would give anything to hear that one more time. If I could have one wish- it would be for you to last a lifetime with me. I would give anything for a lifetime of happiness with you. I know you are peacefully resting with no more pain. I miss you baby. I just want one more kiss and cuddle. I love you more than everything big handsome. Rest easy baby, momma loves you so much. So freaking much.Nicole MokhiberNiagara Falls, New YorkJanuary 8, 2021
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