4/6/2006 - 12/31/2020I was determined to get a female dog, but the moment I laid eyes on the salt and pepper Schnauzer puppy I was smitten. He was adorable; cuddly and energetic. I brought him home and named him “Bogart”, which seemed appropriate for a dog whose mother was named Ava Gardner and whose father was Brando von der Spitzenstadt. Over the years he lived up to the name. He was smart, stubborn, and required a firm hand. Our pet cats, however, set him straight about keeping a distance from them as evidenced by the red stripe he bore across his nose one day. As a puppy, he loved playing tug of war with his dog buddy, Casey. He also loved playing with toys that made noise and would look at me with pride whenever he made the toy squeak. One Christmas, my sons bought him a toy with 18 squeakers in it and Bogart loved that toy above all else. Whenever he shredded his “squeaker toy”, he would receive a new one to chomp on. To be sure, he also enjoyed chasing a tennis ball and leaping into the air to catch his red Kong Frisbee. He kept me fit with his need for vigorous walks every day to release all the energy he carried inside his body. I always admired his proud stance; legs slightly back, chest out, head held high with the bushy eyebrows and distinctive beard, and of course his well-defined musculature. We enjoyed long hikes on many of Marin’s trails and trips to West Marin where we walked along the beach and he frolicked in the ocean. He was a beloved companion who got me through many of life’s ups and downs, especially these past several months of the pandemic, and he brought much joy to my life. I miss the eager greetings he gave me whenever I walked in the door. I will be forever grateful for his loyal companionship these past 14-1/2 years. Rest in peace my dear, sweet Bogart.Laurie V.Novato, CaliforniaJanuary 11, 2021
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Oh Laurie -

I'm so very, very sorry to hear about Bogart. I have lovely memories of some west county beach walks with you both too. He was such a wonderful companion for you, and gave you so much comfort and joy during the big changes in your life. Your tribute to him is heartbreaking, and beautiful, and I hope that your sweet memories will help give you peace and heal your heart.

Run free, dear Bogart

With love,


I have such
Debbie Elliott - January 19, 2021
Bogart was a great dog and I am honored to have met him, and glad to have gotten to know him better by reading this memorial.Ann Craig - January 14, 2021
Our condolences to you Laurie, you were so good to him for so long. RIP Bogie, you were a good hiking buddy for Bear as well.Christine & boys - January 12, 2021
Your words feel so appropriate and heartfelt. These companions bring so much life and love into a troubled world. I am sure Bogart had a happy and fulfilling life. On many occasions he probably thought, before he went to sleep: "Here's looking at you."
David Ellis - January 12, 2021
A beautifully written tribute to Bogart. RIP “Bogey”Jeff Vaala - January 12, 2021
A beautiful tribute. I am sure memories of him will forever be a source of smiles.Claire Taylor - January 11, 2021
Laurie, so sorry to hear about Bogart passing. I know he was your best buddy and gave you much joy. Love, ArleneArlene Banks - January 11, 2021
Laurie, so sorry to hear about Bogart passing. I know he was your best buddy and gave you much joy. Love, ArleneArlene Banks - January 11, 2021
He was a handsome dog till the end.
I love your tribute to him. It brought tears to my eyes.
May you be grateful for the warm memories you have of him.
Blessings, Fran
Frances Rapoport - January 11, 2021

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