7/26/2006 - 12/27/2020Our Dear Sasha, you came into our lives so very, very unexpectedly and the mark you left will stay forever. Mom and Dad were simply going down to Yuma to celebrate Uncle Walters birthday for the weekend. On Sunday, after attending worship services, Mom and Dad returned to Walters house to visit a little more and then head back to Phoenix. Walter and his wife were having coffee on their patio and reading the paper. First, Dad join them, then Mom and as fate would have it, the only section of the paper not in use by then were the adds, so thats what mom took. To her surprise, there was only one dog listed in that entire paper and it was you. We had been looking to rescue a daschound, but that wasnt why they were in Yuma. Little did they know thats what they would be doing latter that day. Walters wife placed a call, unbeknownst to anyone else, and then informed Mom and Dad they had an appointment to see you later that day. Well, they went, they saw and made the decision they couldnt allow you to stay where you were, so you became ours.
Anyone who entered our home you made sure they felt loved. They were not there to see “your people” they were there to see you and boy did they all fall under your spell, just as we did. You graced our home and lives with love, laughter and utter joy.
After 14 years, the day you crossed that Rainbow Bridge was one of the hardest we have ever had to endure. We will miss you with every fiber of our being, but have faith that we will see and hold you again. Say hello to Dad, Heidi and Ce'Nedra for us and keep your eyes on that Bridge little one.

Your Mama and Brother
Alan TrippPhoenix, ArizonaJanuary 11, 2021
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God blessed you with Sasha and He will keep her happily waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge. They truly become a part of our families and losing them is very hard for us. You WILL be back with her one day.
With love, Judith
Judith Evans - January 11, 2021
Sweet little Sasha. Mike is right when he spoke of all visitors coming just to see you. She greeted everyone at the door and was very attentive throughout the visit. Always offering a bone or a toy, but not to keep. You will be missed, little one as you left little paw prints on your family's broken hearts. 🐾💔Deb Crowder - January 11, 2021

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