3/1/2001 - 1/8/2021I'm not great with words but i'd like to share Baci's story.

Baci was less than a year old when my wife rescued him. She picked him because when she held him at the shelter, he would not stop kissing her. That's why she named him Baci. Baci is Italian for "kisses," pronounced "Bachee." I met Baci and my wife when he was 4 years old.

I remember the 1st night I spent the night at my wife's home, Baci was so protective of her, he would not let me sleep on the bed. Over the weeks, months, and years he opened up to me. Baci was a very fast walker, it took alot to keep up with him at the park. He loved to run, I would get tired before he would.

Baci has lived in many parts of the country and he was a great passenger, although he was terrified of the big 18 wheeler trucks. He absolutely enjoyed the snow of the north and the beaches of the east coast.

In 2014, my wife passed away unexpectedly from sudden health complications. He used to wait in the same spot at the same time looking at the front door waiting for her to get home. When she didn't come home from the hospital, he waited in that same spot for 2 weeks straight for hours on end, crying. After 2 weeks he finally gave up.

Ever since then he has never left my side and we become closer than I could ever imagine. The next 2 years he underwent gallstone surgery twice and tplo knee surgery, the vet's reluctant to perform the surgeries because of his age. My heart told me he was a fighter and that he would recover because of his fighting spirit.

I never imagined he would live to be 19 years old. Baci has taught me loyalty. He taught me what unconditional love is. And he taught me more about humanity than any other human i've ever know. I love you always and forever, buddy. Rest in peace now knowing that you have reunited with your mom. I'll think of you 2 forever and always.

Thank you Janie for making his last moments on Earth as peaceful and comfortable as possible.
Christian -Dallas, TexasJanuary 11, 2021
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Will miss you baci. You being part of our family for a long time. The kids will definitely miss you.
You’re always in our hearts ♥️
Marilou Puntanilla - January 14, 2021
Rest in Paradise Baci. We will never forget you, you were a big part of our family and helped Grandma and Grandpa grow the love for fur babies. I wish you could have met our little Liv but I know you will watch over her. Thank you for loving your daddy and being by his side when we couldn't. Give kisses to your mommy for us. We will always love you! Xo love Tita Kat, Uncle Jimmy, and Liv.Kat Ortega - January 13, 2021
LORD will always be with you and you're always in our prayer, LOVE YOU BACI !!
Celso Ortega - January 13, 2021
Loving memories of beloved BACI.... you no longer by our side but always in our heart and we love you BACI
" RIP "
Merle Ortega - January 13, 2021
Meeting Baci for the 1st time 14 years ago I was a little scared. He was a protective and feisty little one. I used to be scared of dogs like my mother. But over time he became a warm and loving member of the family. The first time I babysat him, we kept him entertained in a separate room because we weren't comfortable letting him roam around the house yet. I decided to sleep on the floor in that room for the night and he ended up sleeping right next to me keeping me safe. It was always like this anytime he would stay over. Sitting next to someone like he had been around us forever. Just like that he was the protector and the glue for this family and will be always remembered.

Farewell Mr. Twister

Uncle Jon
Jonathan Ortega - January 13, 2021

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