7/31/2009 - 1/5/2021We miss Ginger very much- we are so grateful for 8 years with her. Although they weren't enough, they were filled with a lot of love and joy. We are forever grateful that we got to spend so much extra time with her the last several months of her life in 2020- a weird silver lining to the pandemic.Sarah FrazellWashington, District of ColumbiaJanuary 12, 2021
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Ginger will be a very much missed part of our visits to Washington. I always enjoyed how she would sort of sit next to me on the couch and appreciate a scratch, but it was clear that the cuddling would go only so far! What a great friend and companion she was for you, both in Athens and in DC.Kevin Frazell - January 17, 2021
Ginger was lucky to have Sarah and Tyler as her owners! We watched her grow from a skittish cat who was afraid of everyone to a loyal cat who deeply loved Sarah and Tyler and tolerated everyone else :)! She will be missed.Terri Frazell - January 17, 2021
Love this sassy cutie! We are going to miss all the joy and love she brought to us, Sarah and TylerKelsey Doll - January 16, 2021
Ginger was a gorgeous cat with a quirky feline-laity! I have so many memories of watching a TV show on your couch, and Ginger would gradually sidle up to me. We will always remember her fondly!Ben Frazell - January 16, 2021
Ginger was a lovely little lady and I'm so glad we got to meet her and spend time with her. I know how much Ginger will be missed by her people and friends. Xoxo sending all our loveMaria Segala - January 15, 2021
When I first met Ginger, she was timid and elusive. But over the years, she warmed to house guests and frequently came out to greet visitors and purr and chirp in appreciation of head scratches. I think she might have been one of the most well loved cats that has ever existed, and I know she will be dearly missed.Emily Conrad - January 15, 2021
We will miss Ginger! She was such a cute little baby! I'm glad we got to meet her and always enjoyed hearing of her exploits.April London - January 15, 2021
Ginger brought so much love and light to the world- may her spirit live on! 🌈Amy Lee - January 15, 2021
We are so sad that Ginger has passed away. She was such a wonderful and sweet kitty. We hope she has met Fred when she crossed the rainbow bridge and they are lounging together. We will miss you Ginger!Lauren and Hope Christensen - January 15, 2021
Sweet spunky Ging!!!! Thank you for filling Sarah and Tyler’s life with so much love... and especially for giving them so many great stories about your quirky personality and antics! I loved when you zoom bombed game night πŸ’—πŸ’—. You are so missed β€” thank for easing some of the horrible 2020 vibes β€” rest well πŸ’–πŸ’–Angela Gulner - January 15, 2021
Ginger was such a special cat. She came into my life like a ball of fire. She was sweet but never really bonded with me. Then when Sarah and her now husband moved into my house before moving to DC, Ginger found her people. She blossomed with you guys and I am forever grateful that you loved her fiercely. It was definitely fated that you three would be together. She had an amazing life with you guys. Thank you for loving her β™₯️Allison Sears - January 15, 2021

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