7/8/2011Tribute to Louie

January 10, 2021 came too soon for our beloved Louie. I thought we’d have more time; I dreamed of forever with him. I’ve dreaded this since the day he joined our family, 9 1/2 years ago. My shadow, walking partner, emotional comfort, and cuddle bug, Louie will be forever in my heart.

I’m going to miss him more than I can even imagine...
His welcome-home greetings with his tail wagging so exuberantly that his bootie shook from side to side - whether I had been gone for 10 minutes or 10 days.
The way he’d jump up on the couch before I could even get into “napping position” to assume his spot in the crook of my legs.
His acute sense of smell searching for the hidden ball and the joy he got playing fetch in the backyard.
His roll on his back to surrender for a satisfying belly rub.
His fur everywhere - on my pants, in my mouth, on my food.
His on-the-minute 7am feed-me alarm clock every morning (well, maybe I won’t miss that).
The “what a beautiful dog” comments we’d get with each Iron Horse Trail walk - he’d strut his stuff with his “blond blockhead”, lustrous coat, and irresistible eyes.
The way he’d pose for the camera and then muzzle-shove the phone out of my hand when he wanted the attention.
His dives into the pool to play with the kids or catch a sinking ball, then traipsing in the house dripping wet and shake all over the freshly mopped and dried floors.
Our car rides and his demands to open the back window so he could take in all the smells.
His jumping up on the couch to squeeze himself into the 3-inch gap between Joe and me.
The instant response to hearing an apple getting sliced, knowing that the center core was reserved for him.
His paw nudge when I’d pause from petting him, up until his last moments with us.
The way he would surrender to his golden-sister Rosie’s playful antics and then allow her to cozy right up to lay like spoons.
His constantly wagging tail, until that fateful day in November, when it all changed.

Two months of watching him struggle day after day - the pain from the glaucoma, total vision loss, removal of his eye and an aggressive nasty cancer diagnosis - a heartbreaking last chapter. But he’s free now. Free to counter-surf and feast on all the chocolate candy, butter, corn on the cob, chicken bones, sugo, and Nothing Bundt Cakes that his heart desires. Free to chase balls again and swim with delight. Free to be Louie again. My love for him is eternal, even without him by my side. Thank you, God, for this gift of Louie. He has blessed our family and we will hold him in our hearts forever.
Dianna GallagherAlamo, CaliforniaJanuary 12, 2021
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