5/1/2006 - 1/12/2021Josie was a black and tan beagle mix, as pretty and sweet as any dog there ever was. She was never needy or aggressively friendly, but when we would leave her alone in the house, she would go back into a our bedrooms and pull out a dirty t-shirt or underwear to take back to her bed to sleep on. Sometimes we would find several items of dirty clothing around her on the sofa when we would return home. It was very touching!James Hunter DesportesColumbia, South CarolinaJanuary 13, 2021
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Yes Hunter, Josie was wonderful! I remember when you, and Jenks and I went to the shelter to pick out a companion for Jack. Our only rule was no beagle. After not making a connection with any of the great dogs there, we saw “Jolene” behind the counter with the staff. They said she was their office dog because she was older, no one wanted her and keep looking. We came back and asked to take “Josie” outside for a walk. We brought her home in a cab that day. She only ever barked a few times. Josie was full of Love, and her favorite clothing items to snag when you left for even a minutes, was one or both of your shoes. I know how you miss her so much already.Tom Hall - January 15, 2021
So sorry, just lost my beagle recently as wellMoss Bres - January 15, 2021
Losing a furry friend is never easy. So sorry.Dan Woodward - January 14, 2021
She was so tolerant and sweet with other dogs - even overly friendly goofballs like several I have brought to visit. I'm so sorry, Hunter. She was a great companion for you. I'm so glad you found each other.Laura Desportes - January 14, 2021
Oh dear Hunter I am so sorry for your loss. I remember her and the rest of the kids going for walks around the neighborhood. I know how much you loved them all. She was so lucky to have you as a forever fir baby home. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏Peg Bentzinger - January 14, 2021

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