11/20/2007 - 1/11/2021Dear Atlas,

We can't believe that you are gone. The house is too quiet and you are missed more than you will ever know. Over the past 16 months, we watched you fight lymphoma in only the way a bulldog could, with complete stubbornness. You were not going to let it slow you down and you fought until the bitter end. We prepared ourselves for your last days, and in the end, we did our best to make you comfortable and peaceful. We think of you every day and reflect fondly on all of our shared memories and experiences. Your pack will miss you forever. We love you nugget man XOXO
Lesli WalshLivonia, MichiganJanuary 14, 2021
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Dear Lesli and Keith, Lesli thank you for welcoming me into your family, including sweet Atlas. Enjoyed having Atlas visit and share holidays and dinner as well as all of the hiking adventures. He was a sweet adventurous dog and you were a wonderful mama to him Lesli. Keith I have loved all the photos you have shared and your loving care of the tough guy. Atlas knows he was loved, may he Rest In Peace.Sharon Kemp - January 15, 2021
Although we never met Atlas our dad told us many stories you had shared with him. We are so sorry for your loss of sweet Atlas. He will be forever missed.

The McAnelly Girls
Morghane, Marrin, and Marris McAnelly - January 15, 2021
Atlas is the apple of his mumma’s eye. There’s not a day he didn’t get spoiled with utmost love and affection. He had a sweet and rambunctious disposition. I’m sure he’s having a blast on the other side.Adrienne Schroeder - January 14, 2021
Atlas was a good dog. He loved Lesli so much and was always looking for her when she wasn't around. I remember him always being under my feet when I was cooking. Just waiting for something to drop, and grabbing it before I could. He loved running in our big backyard but hated getting anywhere near the pool.
He was cute and funny and loving and will always be remembered.
Sharon Banek - January 14, 2021

Sweet angel, you were one of a kind. Your bravery and willingness to fight are a true reflection of your soul. You taught my sister, Lesli, about unconditional love as only the best dogs can. You were there when she needed comfort, laughter, protection, and snuggling. You were steadfast in your love and help transcend your wisdom and stoicism to those who loved you most. You were a sensitive soul and you are dearly missed. We hope you and Ella can finally be friends on the Rainbow Bridge. You were both so protective of your family. The void of your absence will never be completely filled. Thank you for the lessons and love you shared with our family, most of all, Lesli.
Megan Porter - January 14, 2021

Even though I never met you in person, I feel like I've played with you for years by living through the stories from your mommy. You were such a beautiful little puppy (age don't matter, you were always a little baby pup) and had THE cutest smile. I'm so happy to know you enjoyed life to the fullest and were the most pampered and happy pup, in spite of everything. You were so brave and never gave up. Although you're not around anymore, I know you're still with your mommy and daddy, following them, with your little tongue sticking out, lol. RIP little one, happy that you no longer have pain.

Lesli and Keith,

I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know this was a huge fear for you guys, but there's nothing in the world that can prepare anyone for the loss of your baby. Please just remember that he was happy and you guys spoiled him and he was the happiest dog in the world, even until the end. He had the best life with you and there's nothing omore he could have asked for- I'm not just saying that, that dog was clearly loved and SPOILED. I'm surprised he didn't have a PS5 ;) You guys did everything possible for him and I know he knew how loved he was. Please let me know if you need anything at all. Thinking of you.

- Jessica
Jessica Hanna - January 14, 2021
I didn't get to know you Atlas, but I heard all about you and what a wonderful dog and companion you were to your family. You are so loved and greatly missed. I hope you are enjoying your time with all of your pet pals in heaven. May you rest in peace and light.Colette Lane - January 14, 2021
Atlas, you were a very fun dog. I am impressed how hard you fought the cancer and I am glad you brought Lesli so much happiness over the years.Nathan Banek - January 14, 2021
It was easy to see how loved Atlas was and what a special boy he was. He had a beautiful soul and will be missed greatly.Laura Witherell - January 14, 2021

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