11/14/2008 - 1/10/2021We are going to miss you so much!! You were such a sweet, loving, family dog and at the same time a very good guard dog.....I never had to fear when home alone!! The love you had for us was so unconditional and we felt the same!! You were always so kind to your 3 year old (2 legged brother), we are going to miss seeing him hug on you!! The house just isn't the same without you, it is way to quiet, you barked at everything including the wind and I would love to hear that bark again!! Sometimes you had a way of getting yourself in to trouble such as taking food off counters, making our bed your bed when we weren't home, sometimes being a garbage picker and just being a scavenger but guess what, those are the things that made you YOU and we wouldn't have changed a thing!! Nitro you were amazing and we love you so much, we all love you and miss you including your 4 legged brother, partner in crime Rocky who keeps looking for you! Cancer took you away from us but know we will never forget you!

Run free our beautiful pup!!
Chrissie RulandEAST PATCHOGUE, New YorkJanuary 15, 2021
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Nitro, You will be missed so much!! Who is gonna shed alll over my clothes now lolol. You were and still are very loved and you will always be in all of our hearts!❤️Michelle Miles - January 19, 2021
Rest in peace Nitro. Run free.Maria Koronkiewicz - January 19, 2021
So sad to hear this about Nitro. Thinking of you all and he will always be watching over all of you. XoxoAmanda McLeod - January 19, 2021
We wish in time when you think of your Nitro it will bring a smile to your face.Kim Galano - January 19, 2021
Thinking of you. Sending you lots of hugs. Nitro you seemed like an amazing dog and family member.Pamela Cornell - January 19, 2021
Rest In Peace Nitro🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 I just know that you brought so much love and life to your family♥️Lindsay Carrion - January 19, 2021
I remember the first time I came to the town house, you greeted me barking out the second floor window like you wanted to jump through it. Chris said ill meet you in garage I said I want to come in,, he was like ehhhh I'm not too sure I said hell be fine,, I let him sniff me and warm up to me, then I said give me a treat. Chris was like oh boy,, after sniffing around for a while he took a treat from me,, that was it,,after that we had a routine. When I came over he got treats from me. He even enjoyed me petting him and i enjoyed doing it Enjoy all your treats now buddy. Your not in pain anymore. P.s. I think the condo complex had a party when you moved out cause noone could walk down the block without knowing you lived there.Stacy Figman - January 19, 2021
Nitro, you will be sorely missed. You were truly loved by everyone in the family.You were kind and protective of the family and you couldn't ask for more. Our hearts are broken. I miss you very much.Miss and Love you big guy!!Charlie Tollinchi - January 19, 2021
Deepest condolences. Always hard losing one that is so loved. He is still around you and always will be.Val and Tuesday - January 19, 2021
ELLEN MARSHALL - January 18, 2021
Michelle Manfried - January 18, 2021
Love you Nitro! You will be missed!! 😘😘Stephanie Mancuso - January 18, 2021

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