Maggie Bert
6/21/2002 - 12/31/2020Maggie was a tiny black & gray tabby with a big nose, gigantic feet & a fluffy tail. I loved her big feet. They were gray on the top with black stripes on the bottom. She also had a back stripe down her back that got bigger as she aged.
Maggie could be quite the diva at times & was nicknamed "The Mags" by her cat-sitter. She hated going to the Vet & they feared her because she used to poop & pee all over everyone there when she had to be examined! Then she'd let me know how upset she was with me for taking her by ignoring me for hours when we returned home. As she grew older, that didn't change! She lived life on her own terms. I love her & miss her very much.
Beth SchlanskySeattle, WashingtonJanuary 16, 2021
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I used to sit Maggie when Beth traveled. Maggie would be excited to see me and get freeze dried treats. I would pet her for a few minutes, maybe two, and then she would let me know she didn't want to be touched anymore. She would hiss and swat and walk away! I totally expected this and after our initial interaction, I would just talk to her. Maggie didn't suffer fools - I understood and respected that about her. She must have been a fire sign like me. Why waste your time with idiots?!
I miss you Maggie. You were an original.
Diane Venberg - February 1, 2021
She certainly did live life on her own terms. But she was a cutie, & I know that she is missed.Carolyn Mawbey - January 18, 2021
Maggie Bert lived by her own rules. She chose her own home and her family, even her own way to drink water! She obviously chose her home wisely because she was so well loved and cared for. I know she will be terribly missed.Jen Bush - January 17, 2021
Maggie was very much a diva, although when she was younger she was friendlier. When she heard my voice she would run out from the bedroom, jump on the half wall, and want to be petted. As she got older she became a little old lady. I could always tell when her mom had taken her to the vet. She would ignore her and visit me. In the last month or so of her life she went back to being the cat I knew when she was younger, and 'The Mags' had disappeared. It was wonderful to be able to pet her without her hissing at me and then turn around and want me to pet her. She will always be in my heart, as she is in Beth's (her mom). I will remember her and her diva attitude. It seems strange that she's not there. I miss her too.Aislinn Feyre-cild - January 17, 2021
Cats are the best people. That's why we miss them so much when they are gone. Here's to 9 lives lived well. Love, GreggerGreg German - January 17, 2021

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