1/15/2021Pawzee had been in our lives for over fourteen years. His spirit never faltered and we will always remember his loving face, floppy ears, and soulful eyes. He loved his furry sisters and always took care of them as he cared for us. He was always there to jump up to us and lick non stop on the good and bad days, no matter what he was just happy to see us. He loved helping us cook in the kitchen, and could always always eat more if we just let him. I remember when I was little I would hook his leash on my razor scooter and he would gallop up our neighborhood streets and pull me with him. I think he always thought he was much bigger than he was, from his energy to his bark. He was my first puppy to call my own and he will always have my heart.

We know he is enjoying the sun with Willow and the rest of his family now, and most definitely giving lots of kisses to them all. Maybe he's even challenging the other weiner dogs to a friendly race that he's sure to take first place in.

We love you Pawzee, always💜🐾
Mia DelmonicoBeaumont, CaliforniaJanuary 16, 2021
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Pawzee has been a blessing to our family. 14 1/2 years of undeniable love that he brought to our family. There is an emptiness here at home that we all feel without him but our hearts our filled with so many wonderful memories. We pray that Pawzee is at peace with Willow and Roxy.Shana Delminico - January 18, 2021
I will always miss you Pazee, especially under my feet while cooking in the kitchen!! Also, I will miss your presence near me at the dinner table giving me that "look" for a tidbit! Continue to win many dog races in heaven!!Ron Krueper - January 17, 2021

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