12/12/2004 - 12/13/2020Carter was the spirit that unified our home. He was our common ground, our unconditional friend and love, our protector, our innocent angel, our mischievous puppy. He was strong like a bull literally. He was 50 pounds or so but had the strength of a 160 pound man. I know because when I was 160, he could pull me around the block on a walk literally. He had jaws of steel. When he gripped a bone or ball or rope or sock or sneaker, it was best to let him get bored or wear out over time. He was part American Staffordshire Terrier. A vet helped us realize that when he was older. When we adopted him at 8 weeks, we thought he was a daschund mix, as that is what his papers said. Carter has no fear except for plastic gates we would put up around the house to keep him from entering a room. All he had to do wad knock the gate over with his nose and he would be home free, but he was afraid of the sound of the gate falling, so he respected and feared those gates, otherwise, we know he would run through hoops of fire to be with us, to save us, to fight for us, to come to be at our side to be pet, scratched, rubbed and hugged. We still see and hear Carter among us. He was here for 16 years from a puppy to a deaf, arthritic adult. We puppy proofed our home when he was a puppy, and we elderly dog proofed our home when he was elderly. He gave us his all - eating rugs, couches, toys, shoes etc... to finding a way into the garbage pale to eat anything and everything. We gave him our all in our care and love for him. We see him, hear him and feel him here in our home....we know his spirit is with us --- he visits us from the other side of the Rainbow bridge to check on us, to make sure we are okay, to inject a little more unconditional love. We love you back Carter and always will. Now go run with the other dogs. Run like you used to -- and eat as much as you like too. You are free. Love, John, Lu-Ann, Johnny and Danny.John PassadinoSayville, New YorkJanuary 18, 2021
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Carter in many ways reminds me of my dog Layla. They have a powerful personality. We, humans, have much to learn from our four-legged friends. The most important is the amazing unconditional love that they do so naturally. If you want to know the "meaning of life" your dog is the one who has the answer. Live every day at the moment you have. Take joy in the simple things. Have fun in every moment. Have the ability to give and receive love at all times. Isn't funny that if you spell dog backward it spells god. I've always thought it odd that humans think themselves superior to the animal kingdom when in fact it appears that they know how to live a full life better than humans do. God bless you Carter for the love and joy you gave us.Adrian Cosentini - January 24, 2021
Miss and think about you everyday Carter. We loved you so much! ❤️Lu-Ann Passadino - January 24, 2021
Daniel Passadino - January 23, 2021
Love you and miss you Carter! Now go back and run, jump, chew like you used to and then sleep in comfort ...John Passadino - January 22, 2021
Johnny Passadino - January 22, 2021
Sorry for the loss of Carter. He was loved without conditions. A beautiful dog. Peace to his soul. Peace to Lu-Ann, John, Johnny, Danny. Our sympathies. Laura Dennis, Dennis 3,Alex, Zelda & Little Peanut ❤️Laura Jensen - January 20, 2021
Carter was so beautiful and blessed to be apart of your loving family. He had the kind of adventures that dogs dream of!!Heather Manfredi - January 19, 2021
John, LuAnn, Johnny and Danny, We know how much you loved Carter. I'll always remember that strong tail wag and sorry he had to be gated because I was a scady cat human. Your tribute was beautiful and he will always be with you. Love, Maria and MargaretMaria Passadino - January 19, 2021

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