12/14/2010 - 1/17/2021Teddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 3:25pm on 1/17/21 with the help of Lap of Love. Teddy was having too many uncontrollable seizures. Medicines were not helping anymore. We couldn't wait for surgery on his brain tumor. We had to do the right thing and end his pain and suffering. The seizures were the hardest thing to see and saying goodbye the hardest thing we have ever had to do.

Teddy was a great dog. When we tell you that he was perfect, we are not exaggerating. Never ever would you have ever met such a chill, laid back dog , with an awesome personality. He loved people and made everybody he met so happy. He never met anyone he didn't like, especially if you had a treat. He never had confrontations with other dogs. We didn't need a leash for him when we walked him, and we walked lots. He was so so perfect and well behaved. His Mom bought a stroller for him, and when he would get tired, the stroller allowed him to sit and take in all the sites as he went everywhere. So many people have taken their pictures with Teddy when he is in that stroller. They would ask us to get out of the picture, they wanted it for them only. He was a rock star. He travelled everywhere with his Mom. He has thousands of followers on Facebook. Teddy learned many tricks for his favorite food, bacon. And that is the food that he got before he crossed The Bridge. He was a Mommy's dog. They were inseparable. Two peas in pod. It was rare to see Mom and not Teddy. He loved going to his Granny's house to be spoiled with those foods that Mom and Dad wouldn't give him, and he loved shopping in his stroller with Mom and Granny.

Teddy will be sadly missed for years to come. We cannot imagine our life right now without him. This is so hard and sad. I have had many dogs in my life, they were all great dogs, but, none of them can top Teddy. He was the cream of the crop. And I am sure we will never have another dog like him. If we do, it will be a blessing, and, probably sent by Teddy. He could not have been loved any stronger by anyone on this earth more than us. And he knew it. It took a while for him to get close to us in the beginning because we were his third home. We needed to build trust, and it came with lots of love. He finally realized how much he was love we had for him and the rest is history. Gone way too soon, 10 years, and we only had for 5 years. The best years of his life and ours.

For the first time in his life, we heard him start crying when we picked him up from the ER. Those were tears of love and joy because he was so happy to be back with his Mom and Dad. So so sad he is gone. We miss you every day. We love you Bookashucka, Bookie ,Hunksta, TedTed! A true Rockstar in Corgi Nation. Truly, mankind's best friend.
Tracy & David BowdenChesapeake, VirginiaJanuary 18, 2021
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Teddy is so handsome. I lost my corgi in May, 2020. We miss him everyday. Everyday we talk to him and about him. I know how hard this is. Sending thoughts to your family.Sybil Slavin - January 21, 2021

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