1/27/2015 - 1/18/2021Goodbye tree.

You were the best climbing tree ever. Who says dogs can’t climb trees? Silly humans. Even though we never really actually caught any squirrels or iguanas in you, you were a great spot where Lucy and I could perch and dream of squirrel conquests. And freak out the neighbors. Let’s be honest, that was a lot of fun! The Pink Palace was, in general, a lot of fun. We conquered Rocky I, Rocky II, a ‘possum to two, and a plethora of iguanas. Of course the most epic Ace Iguana Adventure was the one without pictures. When we moved in, who knew the Basenji Tree and its adventures were even a thing?

Lymphoma sucks. I tried so hard to beat it mom, and dad, and sissy. But it just wouldn’t leave me alone. Take care of Lucy, please? We always said “no dog left behind”when you adopted us both from the Humane Society of Broward County, but now I have to leave her. She’s gonna need you more than ever. I’ll miss Boby and the kitty cats (Pixel, Scooby, Jack and Fifty), too, but Lucy will really need you most. Make sure she knows I love her, and I’ll watch over her. I’ll be with you all in every sunbeam.

The Rainbow Bridge sure looks pretty. I will be sure to tell Shiah, and Peewee, and Marissa, and Mack, and Bonsai, that you still think of them often and still love them, too. See you on the other side.

Love you, Charlie out.
Charles Xavier Brown, Chief Minion of Mischief, Flamingo Gardens Estate

We love you sweet little boy. Run free. Be happy. No more pain.
Melissa, Bob and Katy (aka mom and dad and sissy) 💔
Lucy (his littermate sister) already misses you so much. 💔
Melissa KettererHollywood, FloridaJanuary 20, 2021
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