Milo Costa
6/15/2008 - 1/14/2021Milo's Legacy
You were my long-awaited fur baby. I knew when I first saw you that I'd love you ferociously.
You were just a dream until your papa said we had a feasible proposition (that means he said yes to letting you come live with us)!
But you were so much more than a proposition. You have been the most perfect companion, bringer and sharer of joy and pure happiness, my pot of gold.
All along we thought we were training yo but it was you teaching us how to be better human beings. You so enriched our lives.
On the day you left, we took a walk to air our thoughts and feelings. We saw a Cooper's Hawk (unusual for our area). It felt like a sign. You can have a thing of beauty and joy on your journey. It may perch on a branch and stay a while and you will enjoy every minute of its presence but a time will come when it needs to fly off. I'm so thankful for that richer life that was created by our encounter with you, Milo.

My sweet and noble Milo, loved beyond measure, you will be cherished forever.
Asenath and Fabio CostaWeston, FloridaJanuary 24, 2021
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Milo, just thinking of all the dogs we know that are greeting you and telling stories....don't believe them allRo and Dan Larsen - January 27, 2021
I feel you Asenath and Fabio.
Milo was so fortunate to have found a family as loving and caring as yours!
He had a long life and he lived it to the fullest -and you made that possible.
You may not be together in the way you used to be. But Osito will always be beside you in spirit, watching over you ❤️.

Know that we are thinking of you.

With love,
Merit & family.
Merit Flores - January 27, 2021
What a beautiful tribute to a very special dog. Dearest Milo was such a big part of all of our lives and we will always
Hold you dear in our hearts. I love the way you would bring shoes from the closet so that you could get a treat.
I feel so fortunate that we were allowed to have you in our lives and for the love and joy you brought to all of us.
What a beautiful gift your life gave us.
Sarah Araque - January 26, 2021
We miss you so much. What happiness and love you brought us and allowed us to share with you.Asenath Araque Costa - January 26, 2021
You were truly special. I’m glad you were part of our lives for as long as you did.
Rest in peace, puppy. We love you.
Fabio Costa - January 25, 2021

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