5/25/2006 - 1/21/2021Junebug was a one in a lifetime dog. Her spirit was gentle, gracious and always generous. She had a large extended family of friends and neighbors both two and four legged. Her life was very full of joy and love. She will be greatly missed.

Below is a poem that captures our journey with Junebug.


Start with finding
something to love

say, a dog

teach her how to walk
on a leash
pee and poo outside the house
swim to you in a pond
like a child
till she grabs and scratches
your chest
in deep water

teach her how to play
with friends in the park
run in sloppy circles
drool hanging in a wet whip
off her tongue

encourage her
to trust neighbors
and family friends —
sleepovers with softer beds
and boiled chicken
in pedestal bowls

guide her
as she learns how
to walk up a ramp
into the car
when her back legs

and realize
she is now teaching you
to slow down on walks
because there are ducks
behind fences
cats under cars
raccoon scat in the grass
to roll in

be there
when she can no longer
stand up
eat or drink
and fails to bark
at the mailman
or wag
when you come home

lay one hand
on her soft bony head
the other
on her chest
as it rises and falls

when the vet asks
if you are ready

and the shine in her eyes
and her chest doesn’t rise

Scott WatersOakland, CaliforniaJanuary 24, 2021
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June was such a sweet soul, and really one of the smartest of dogs. She could understand so many things, especially names, like her friend Tuk-Tuk, who preceded her by several years. I will always remember her visits with love and affection. I can still feel her charming gesture of putting her head between my knees.

Her loving family gave her the best of doggie lives.
Joe Ferrie - January 26, 2021
We have such great memories of taking June on a big trip to the Anderson Valley with Joe and Madhu and a bundle of other dogs: Moki, Pogo, Stella, and more. She got along beautifully with everyone and had some lovely dips in the pond too!Deb & Kim Colwell-Craig - January 26, 2021
We were so lucky to know Junebug and get to spend extra time with her on playdates. She leaves big pawprints on our hearts for sure. Truly the best dog. Sending our love.Karen Shore - January 25, 2021
June was my very special friend. I loved her so much and we had so many good times together. Thank you for sharing her with us. I know she is catching up with her old friends--TukTuk, Benny, Benini, Spunky, and Kiki! Much love to all of you.Madhu Prasher - January 25, 2021
Your experience with Junebug will always be remembered as long as you live. So glad Eli, age 12 can appreciate a good experience of ending the life of his dog.Ruth Waters - January 25, 2021

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