10/5/2006 - 1/20/2021Jasper, when I realized what I had to do to make you not suffer anymore, my heart broke. I still get stick to my stomach thinking of our last moments together. You didn't know what would come next in those moments and what happened next was because of the decision I had to make. A day after you were gone I gathered the strength to look at old pictures of you. I quickly realized that in your last weeks on Earth were not a reflection of the beautiful cat you once were. Seeing how sick you truly were I made my decision a little less painful, but the pain is still there. While the past few years haven't been as filled with cuddles like our first few years together, I still loved you so much. I hope that you had a good life here with me, I hope you were happy, and felt the love we all had for you. I am sorry I had to make this decision for you and I hope you know I made it out of love. If love could have healed you you would be running, catching mice, stretching out on your favorite spot on the couch, and scratching at your scratching post. But love could not do everything I wanted it to do for you. I will miss you dearly, sweet, beautiful boy. You were always so handsome and regal. That is how I will always remember you.Anna StidhamNorthbrook, IllinoisJanuary 25, 2021
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What an incredible tribute to your precious boy, Anna! Jasper was so very handsome (I love the photo of him where you can see his beautiful green eyes) and sweet, and it was my honor to help you give him the gentle goodbye he deserved. You were clearly meant for each other, and he could not have had a better life with you. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I am thinking about you and your family and hope that you are continuing to do okay. Sending love and hugs!Dr. Christie Comm - February 3, 2021

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