5/31/2006 - 1/21/2021OH my Nina bear. She was such a great best friend. Where I went Nina would go as well. Although she always hated the destination. (Unless we were in the starbucks line) She would knock out and enjoy the ride home. I took Nina many places throughout the years. She witnessed high school graduation, BBA and MBA. She was always there to keep me company and very assertive. She was sure to let me know when she was ready to go outside and time for me to get up or when she was hungry. She was my daily sous chef and always stepping over each other while cooking. I always knew I was safe having her with me. She would bark when anyone was near our door. For a period of time she had separation issues I would get weekly emails she was barking non stop and I needed to do something about it while I was at work. I would have to chime in on her through Alexa and then rush home. April 2019 we bought our first townhome together and she got her very own backyard and she could bark as much as her little heart desired. She was so SMART. You could not fool her one bit. I miss our daily routines. For the past year everyday I would give her "free" rides up and down the stairs. Every night I feel like something is missing when I head upstairs. I would try to make sure I had everything in my hands so I wouldn't have to make another trip down. Nina check, water check, phone check. Feeding her daily with her special little clear cup. She would always try to trick me into giving her more. Now I wished I had. My heart is broken knowing I can never have what once was. Letting her go has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I never imagined a life without her. She was my old lady "Viejita" and best friend. She was the best protector a single gal could ever ask for. She was with me through my 20s and kept ALL my secrets. Going home to my parents and visiting friends will feel so different without her in the passenger seat. I wish I could have one more day with her. I miss her smell, waking me up at night, our fights with each other. I will miss her forever. She taught me how to be patient, and that being angry for something so small is unnecessary and to forgive quickly. I still cant believe she's gone but the quietness and empty beds in my home reminds me she will live in my heart from now on. I will love her forever and always. Until we meet again my baby girl.Ashley LariosSpring, TexasJanuary 26, 2021
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Oh Nina, you were such a big part of our family. We miss you and your stinky self🤣 Not only were you our family dog you were Nolas cousin and sister and one point. Rest in Heaven sweet pup.Laura Graham - January 28, 2021
Missing you Nina girl! Be nice to my boy Oreo up there! He can be a little scaredy cat at first but will warm up eventually! I’ll smile every time I think of you both running around playing together 💗Elvyn Guevara - January 28, 2021
I'm crying! She will be greatly missed! I will miss defending her from you when she would get into trouble. Alwayd saying "poor Nina" and sneak her a snack or food lol. I will miss her in the background while on the phone with you and you screaming her name when she was up to no good. 🤣😭🥺 Rest Easy little stinker! 😫Lala Lozoya - January 28, 2021
You will be missed Nina!Esti Renk - January 27, 2021
Nina was such an amazing companion and best friend. You gave her the most beautiful goodbye all cuddled up with her mama and surrounded by so much love 💕. May all the love you shared keep her spirit close by always and forever.Christina Guillory - January 27, 2021
Ashley, your Nina looks a lot like Ms. Molly. Your story is almost like mine, your love for Nina was amazing and I know how much your heart literally hurts. My home has become a house because of the emptiness that is so loud that I would spend most of my days in bed or the side of my couch where my Molly girl lay. I pray that your heart will slowly mend but not lose your precious memories of dear Nina. God Bless you for the beautiful life that you gave to Nina.anita givens - January 27, 2021

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